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I saw your designs on HGTV. I have a question about quartz (Cambria, Caesarstone, etc) - how durable are they as compared to granite? Have you had any issues w/ staining, pitting, dulling? I am seeing some complaints online about these issues and am very confused.
Lavisa S. , Upper Holland PA - July 25 2012


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I love all the kitchens you show in your Portfolio. We are in the process of re-doing our kitchen. We have selected white cabinets for the perimeter, espresso color for the Island with a White Quartzite counter top. What would look better on the perimeter - black granite or the same white quartzite? Backsplash will be white subway tiles. Floor tiles are light cream color. We live steps from the beach and trying to keep a light airy feel to the room. Please help.
Tina McKenna, Rockaway Point NY - February 24 2012

Example kitchen with white and dark toned cabinetry and black honed with light colored tops by Janice Teague, Drury Design

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I would like to get your opinion regarding staggering the height of kitchen cabinets for a small 12 x 17 U-shape kitchen with 8' ceiling. House is colonial. On each end will be 2 corner cabinets of maybe 36" and about 4" crown molding. The cabinets flanking the chimney hood will be at 30". Then next to the small cabinet next to the hood will be the refrigerator cabinet. Right opposite the refrigerator- will be a microwave cabinet. Should I also use a 36" tall cabinet on that? I am not sure if this lay-out will make the kitchen look too busy. Thank you very much for your assistance.
Marilyn , New Jersey - September 12 2011

Hi Marilyn!  Staggering the heights of cabinets is a great way to add variety to an otherwise simple design.  Although, with an 8 ft ceiling you would really want to use 6” of crown otherwise you will have a strange gap between the top of the crown and the ceiling...

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Looking for help in choosing a granite counter top for a dark red toned cherry kitchen. There is not a lot of natural light. I really like rainforest green, however wondering if it is not too dark. I like the mid to dark greens and trying to stay away from gold.
Linda S., Farmington CT - May 12 2011

Thanks for your question Linda.  I think that green colored granite would complement your cherry cabinets very nicely.  These colors together will add a feel of richness to your kitchen.  If you go with a dark green I would suggest Verde Butterfly or Golden Lightening.  You could also go with...

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My husband and I came across your blue bath cabinet on the HGTV website. Were these cabinets unfinished and then painted? If not, who made the cabinets? If so, can you tell me whose paint was used? I absolutely love this bath design, paint and cabinets. Thank you so much.
Elaine Davis, - April 18 2011


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