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Why Warrantees Matter

Warrantees are often the last on a homeowner’s list of contractors’ qualifications. But, based on the complexity and level of investment of a kitchen or bath remodel – shouldn’t it be one of the first considerations? Find out how extended labor warrantees offer protection when defective products cause inconvenience and costly repairs.


When choosing a qualified firm to design, equip and install your new kitchen or bathroom there are many factors to consider – design, cabinetry options, reputation, costs, references, and last but not least, warrantees on workmanship and installation of products.  Warrantees are often the last on a homeowner's list of contractors’ qualifications.  But, based on the complexity and level of investment – shouldn’t it be one of the first considerations?

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Most contractors offer some sort of labor warrantee, but it is important to ask - what is included?  What happens when a product fails and needs to be replaced or repaired?  Who picks up the tab for removal of the defective product, reinstallation of the new product and repairs? 



Going it Alone - The Expensive Route?

“Expensive is doing it yourself and having to pay for it twice” is a common phrase amongst professional remodelers for good reason as remodeling is full of potential pitfalls. For example, what if the brand new cabinet panel-clad, built-in refrigerator fails in your just completed kitchen remodel?  Who covers the cost for removal, disassembly, and reinstallation?  With no applicable warrantee, this becomes an added expense for the homeowner who had hoped to economize by purchasing materials and installation services separately.

Why hire a full-service design firm when doing a kitchen remodel or bath remodel? 

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As it relates to warranties and service, here are 5 important reasons to contract and purchase materials from a full-service kitchen and bath remodeler like Drury Design:

  1. An extended two-year limited warrantee is provided on all workmanship and installations
  2. A guaranteed “fit and finish” of contracted materials
  3. Removal and re-installation of any materials should they be defective or fail at no additional cost
  4. Coordination of all material deliveries, workmen’s schedules and supervision of all trades
  5. One point of accountability should there be a problem to resolve

Drury Design’s extended labor warrantee is included at no additional cost covering all provided installation of materials including; cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, countertops, tile, and any other materials for a period of two years.   

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