Designing with Shades of Gray

Home Design

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Designing a Chicago Home with Shades of Gray

It’s true. There are more than 50 shades of gray. Beyond being widely popular, gray is now the must-have design color for home remodeling – especially kitchens and cabinetry. Why? Gray is cool, calm, and versatile.

In kitchens and baths, gray is a great color that adds sparkle, drama, and sheen. Its tone complements stainless steel, marble, chrome fixtures, and an array of accent tiles.

Our Chicago remodeling clients love gray for its neutral and calming presence. Another reason? Gray tones mesh with an extensive color palette by complimenting other accent colors and finishes.

Here’s what Houzz has to say, “This neutral has shaken off its bad rap. Gray has not only replaced beige as being the ‘It’ neutral, but grays are now synonymous with style, sophistication, and glamor.” Even on a dreary day, there’s much to appreciate in a gray backdrop. Colors pop, lights shine and it’s easier to focus on the features in the landscape.

transitional bath design by Drury Design

“But just as a person should be careful about getting romantically involved with mysterious young millionaires, using gray paint requires a bit of caution,” says the Wall Street Journal in a feature about hundreds of shades of gray.

How to Start Designing WIth Gray?

Benjamin Moore’s shades of gray palette is a great place to start. For more wall color ideas, check out the Gray Wall Color board on Pinterest.

Architectural Digest features gray in a myriad of settings including a circa 1817 country house, “The elegant hue showcases the room’s historical pieces, including Louis XVI fauteuils, a 19th-century bas-relief of George Washington, a circa-1805 New York Pembroke table, and a contemporary bust of Thomas Jefferson made by Sculpture House Casting.”

For more gray kitchen design ideas – visit our portfolio page.