Modern Bathroom Design

Modern bathroom designs are clean and uncluttered. Understated custom cabinetry and sleek finishes create a bathroom decor that is elegant yet understated.

With signature elements of geometric patterns, angular fixture designs, and high-quality natural or synthetic materials, modern design calls for a style that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing in a seamless combination of form and function, without the ornate decor of traditional design. Since minimalism is a hallmark of modern bathroom design, choosing this design style is especially effective for owners who want to make the most out of a small bathroom. For example, a modern bathroom might feature a raised (or pedestal) sink made of stainless steel or porcelain, with an angular, rounded, or gently curved basin; this way, there’s much more open space.

Almost any material works when brainstorming modern bathroom design ideas; wood, stone, slate, glass, and ceramic are all viable options, either on their own or combined. The same goes for what colors you choose for your bathroom; however, many modern bathroom designs utilize colors that are simple yet contrasting neutrals, featuring shades like white, grey, and black. For furniture, look for pieces that juxtapose angles and curves. Emphasize your lighting with square, rectangular, or rounded lampshades for a striking visual effect.

Here are some recent examples of modern bath designs from our portfolio of client projects. Visit our Chicago-area Glen Ellyn design studio to see our modern bathroom solutions in person and talk to one of our award-winning designers.

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