Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional kitchen design is balanced, graceful and restrained. Our traditional kitchen plans are characterized by the use of elegant wood cabinetry, distinctive countertops, artistic tile backsplashes and careful attention to detail…and, frequently adorned with design awards.

While working with you to design your traditional kitchen, we’ll suggest a variety of traditional kitchen design elements for your space. For example, traditional kitchens tend to use luxury countertop materials, such as marble, light granite, or quartzite, in neutral tones for a timeless look. Your lighting choices may be more ornate and decorative, such as a crystal chandelier if you prefer a more formal look. Tall cabinets and kitchen islands may be designed to look more like furniture than storage, and in keeping with that same design principle, many homes choose to use hutch cabinets in the kitchen. Cabinets tend to be cream or wooden, and they may also be distressed to look more aged for a warm appearance. Unique details and embellishments will give your traditional kitchen its final touches while letting you show off your family’s unique personality and style.

A kitchen is often said to be the heart of a family’s home, and with a traditional kitchen designed by Drury, your family will enjoy a welcoming space that truly represents your style and interests.

Here are some recent examples of traditional kitchen designs from our portfolio of client projects. Visit our Chicago-area Glen Ellyn design studio to see our kitchen solutions in person and talk to one of our award-winning designers.

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Magnifique French Chateau Hinsdale, IL

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Well-Dressed Traditional Glen Ellyn Kitchen

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Chicago Renovation Project Revives Gold Coast Brownstone

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“Each experience with Drury Design, (this being my third), is unique – but two things always remain the same. Their dedication to creating a beautiful, functional product and their supreme effort to deliver a positive, high quality experience with every facet until completion. Good service is rare in our fast paced world. Completion of each aspect of a project is no longer “a given” when the project gets large and extended. Drury Design always leaves me 100% satisfied. I count on that!”

Jeanne Tisbo

Barrington, IL