Mud Room Design

It may not be the biggest room in your house, or the room where you spend most of your time, but a well-designed and organized mudroom can greatly enhance the rest of your home.

Often adjacent to entrance doors, the mud room is a designated area for anything from shoes, coats, and backpacks to sports gear, seasonal apparel for surviving cold Chicago winters or rainy springs, or just a place to unload after being out and about.

Incorporating a mud room into a home redesign is a must-have these days, especially for busy families. The mudroom is the perfect space to keep families organized and keep clutter away from other areas of the home such as the kitchen or family room.

Mud room designs can be casual or formal; a mud room design can utilize locker and open cubby storage for your family’s items, or the design could feel more built-in by having everything behind closed doors.

When designed correctly, a mud room can make your family’s life and organization much easier. No more searching for a lost shoe or looking for a raincoat during a sudden shower! Drury designers can help you sift through mud room ideas to help determine what will be most functional for your family.

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