Home Office Design

Whether you have a whole room dedicated to a home office, or just a corner with a desk, there are many things to consider when exploring functional, pleasant home office design ideas.

Don’t feel tied to traditional office furniture, since there are more stylish and modern options available. Also, your space is valuable and should be used wisely.

For example, reserve the space within arms-reach of your chair for items you use every day, and store less frequently used items in a nearby credenza or filing cabinet. If you have room, add a comfortable chair for family members or clients who pop in to chat. For storage, bins with labels are a great way to store office supplies, and open shelves keep these items handy. Dedicate a tray or another specific spot to paperwork that requires immediate attention, so it doesn’t get tucked away and forgotten. And finally, be sure to add some personal touches, such as family photos, to make your office warm, inviting, and homey- after all, it is your “home” office!

A home office remodel makes it possible to boost your productivity without having to lose productive time in transit to work. At Drury, we can help you make the most of whatever workspace you have available, whether it’s a small spare bedroom or a corner of your kitchen.

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