2019 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

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2019 Design Trends
What’s in and What’s out?

With each new year, we see new trends and styles emerge. Some completely new and some a blast from the past.  Here’s our take on what we expect to see in 2019 trends. We’ve included some observations from our President and Creative Director, Gail Drury, and other designers and friends about what’s new, what to watch, and what is trending. 

2019 Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral

Setting the stage for 2019 design trends is Pantone’s Color of the YearLiving Coral. Orange? Not really. Living Coral is updated and fresh, not orange, not peach, but instead, according to the Pantone Institute, the color of a vibrant sunset, “Living Coral welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.” 


1.) What’s in store for Countertops? 

Though we’ve seen our fair share of various countertop materials come and go, according to Drury Design Owner, President, and Creative Director, Gail Drury, “man-made materials (engineered stones and porcelains) that look like marbles are number one in countertop materials, quickly taking over granites and marbles, especially with newer “body-through” materials that mimic natural stones like marble when fabricating edges and corners.” She goes on to say, quartz finishes continue to have no end in sight as it remains one of our client’s most frequently requested materials and for good reason.

And besides a great timeless look, quartz is virtually indestructible as it produces a harder surface. Man-made countertops come in several varieties, but not all types of man-made countertops are considered man-made “stone.”  Laminate, Corian, cultured marble, recycled glass, porcelain, concrete, and metal countertops are all man-made. 

2.) Functional Bath Trend: Wet Rooms 

Incorporating a wet room is an increasingly popular concept in bath design. In this 2019 bathroom trend, both the bathtub and shower are in the same open area of the bathroom. This innovative layout allows the bath to look much bigger than it is – with only a simple glass barrier separating the water space from the rest of the bathroom and is great for aging in place designs. 

3.) Hidden Appliances and Storage

We all crave less clutter, right? 2019 is the year for clear! Under the counter appliances like microwaves and coolers keep counter space that much more vacant. Appliance garages also help keep your items where they need to be and out of the way. Best of both worlds, out of sight yet still so accessible! 

4.) Greys are the New Whites

While there’s no denying the timeless appeal of a white kitchen, there are plenty of fantastic alternatives to take in for a more rich and intoxicating look. “Soft muted warm greys are slowly replacing the traditional whites. While white is still the most popular color they are usually mixed with some grey tones” says, Gail Drury. 

5.) Wood Tones in the Bathroom

Setting a warm and neutral tone to your bathroom, wood has become increasingly present in this private space. More and more people are going for vanities and other furniture pieces for their bathroom that are made of wood. And the good news is, this material breathes quite well and naturally absorbs moisture, making it a great option for the bathroom and adds a bit of “earthiness” to the rooms aesthetic. 

6.) Technology: Making Your Kitchen a Smart Kitchen

There’s no hiding it, smart technology is taking off and it only makes sense to embrace it when redesigning your kitchen. New perks are arising such as hidden docking stations for charging electronics, smart appliances that basically cook your food for you and of course digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home that help you with recipes in real time.

It doesn’t stop there, the refrigerators in Dacor’s new Heritage line come with two built-in cameras so you can peek at your food while you’re at the store. The two cameras built into the door of the Dacor Heritage fridge take pictures of what’s inside. So, if you forgot your shopping list at home, you can see what’s inside your fridge when you’re at the grocery store!

We look forward to being a part of new and inventive ways to implement design trends in the new year!

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