A Kitchen Remodel: Marathon vs. Sprint

Kitchen Design

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Have you been watching the Sochi Winter Olympics on the big screen? There is competition, excitement, endurance, and promises of reward in the air. The same feelings can be sensed for home remodeling in Chicago.

If you are a homeowner, you will, at one point of your life, join the kitchen and bathroom renovation club. While such renovation might feel like a sprint due to its fast and explosive behavior that will last for a short period of time a well-executive and effective kitchen remodel is, in fact, more of a real marathon as it requires more intensity as far as planning goes and the results will last longer.

Whenever it’s time for kitchen retrofitting, start preparing yourself physically and emotionally as if you were going to a run a marathon. A good makeover won’t be done overnight. It might take weeks and depending on how big and complex the project is, months. During this time, you will learn how to deal with construction debris, as well as with a lack of a place to prep and cook your meals. Like in a marathon, you will be pushed to your limits, but at the end, when the project is completed, and you see your dream kitchen coming to reality, it will say it was worth every second of it.

Whether your dream kitchen is a modern one or a traditional one, our designers will be giving their undivided attention to each aspect of the project. The wood cabinetry will be carefully selected to enhance your space, the backsplash and the countertop will be complementing each other while the hardware and some architectural details will be adding the final touch to your kitchen.

Even though your perfect kitchen is the result of a custom-tailored selection of products, you will notice the importance of selecting the right wood cabinet: from the design to the finish. Regardless of whether your kitchen will have an antique glaze or a deep mahogany finish, your cabinets will have a smooth closing, and the level of craftsmanship applied to each piece of it will set your kitchen apart from your neighbors.

Furthermore, when designing a traditional kitchen, for example, our designers will incorporate all necessary details into your project, including crown molding, corbels, ropes, under cabinet lighting, custom back splash, fixtures, and, of course, the cornerstone appliances. Imagine the detail of the hood and the cooking area. How does the backsplash by the cooktop enhance the space? Will it be telling a story, maybe incorporating a souvenir you brought from a trip, or reflecting your favorite food?

How about the countertop? Have you thought about how you would like the edges to be? Perfectly round, square, or maybe have a custom profile? Decisions, decisions, decisions. You may be anxious about your kitchen renovation or overwhelmed, like the days preceding a marathon. You may think: is everything under control? Did I miss anything? How long until it each part of the redesign is done?

Our Drury designers will walk you through each step of our design process from the first day the idea comes to you to the final detail when it all comes together. We can sense the adrenaline and anxiety running thru your body as the days pass by and the final moment, when you get to see your dream brought into reality, gets closer and closer. While your mind might be acting like in a sprint, full of excitement, trust your team at Drury through each carefully placed step on the road to your new kitchen to have a much longer, more rewarding result for your home, body, mind and soul.

Free Kitchen Design Guide Download

Learn more about the kitchen remodel process with our free kitchen design guide, which you can download here.

Free kitchen design guide