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Dear Drury Design,

I’m interested in taking our primary shower to the next level with body sprays, steam, integrated controls and the whole nine yards. Where do we start?


Eugene from Hinsdale 


Our expert providing the answer to this week’s question is Senior Designer Samantha Schoell, CKBD. Samantha has been with Drury Design for almost 7 years. 


Hi Eugene, 

Selecting the right plumbing fixtures for your bathroom is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. The choice of shower fixtures such as body sprays, rain heads, and other options can depend on personal preference, desired shower experience and the overall design of the bathroom. Each type of fixture offers a unique bathing experience, and some clients even choose to combine different fixtures for a more customizable shower.

Here’s a brief overview of popular options:

Body Sprays
-These are typically mounted on the walls at various heights
-Body sprays provide a targeted and massaging water experience. They can be positions to target specific areas of the body for a spa-like sensation.”
– Ideal for those who enjoy a more immersive and customizable shower experience

-These are usually mounted from the ceiling and mimic the feeling of rainfall
-Rainheads provide a gentle, cascading water flow that covers a large area. I would recommend for this to be a secondary shower head as it is not meant to have the same pressure are your wall shower head. The type of water flow that comes from a rain head will not easily remove shampoo from a woman’s hair
-They can had a luxurious and modern touch to a shower space

Steam Shower
-This is great for a muscle relaxing, stress relieving and therapeutic benefit.
-Steam showers have their own interface that allows the user to adjust the temperature, duration, and other steam functions.
-The steam created in a shower will hydrate and cleanse the skin. It is also sweat inducing to eliminate any toxins.

Other Shower Features

-Speakers: Have some fun and listen to your favorite songs or catch up on the latest podcast

-LED color changing lights: Adds a unique feature that is visually appealing and can be set to your mood

-Handheld showerhead: These are on a flexible hose and provides versatility, making it easer to rinse off, clean the shower and wash pets

-Built in niche shelves: This is were you will store all your showering essentials. I enjoy making the niche a wow factor in the shower with different color tiles or a unique shape. A niche will maximize the usable space without sacrificing floor area.

When using 3 or more of the shower features mentioned above, I would highly suggest using a DTV valve! What is that? A DTV is a digital thermostatic valve system. It is a high-tech solution that allows users to control various shower functions digitally. That means one main control panel! It creates a sophisticated and customizable shower. The DTV is mounted on the wall with either a touch screen or a remote control that all the user to program and control which fixtures are in use and at what temperature. You can also save personalized presets for different members of the household, each with its own water temperature, flow rate and outlet configuration.

Some DTV systems include features such as a pause function or a timer to promote water conservation. It is important to note that the specific features and capabilities of DTV systems can vary between models and brands. When considering a DTV system for your shower, be sure to consult with a professional bath designer and a plumber to ensure compatibility with your plumbing system.

Thanks for your question. I hope this helps! We’re standing by, ready to help you take your shower to the next level – just give us a call!


Samantha Schoell, CKBD


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