Granite is recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, flooring material, and backsplashes.

Granite is especially common in counter tops, showers, and floors. The color of granite can vary from common stones (Santa Cecilia, Peacock Green, and Tan Brown) to more obscure stones in the quartzite family (Madre Perla, Arabescato, and Blue Bahia). Granite design styles can vary based on factors like edge options (for example, ogee is more traditional while pencil edge is more transitional/contemporary) and cuts in the stone — arcs and soft curves indicate traditional styling; straight lines and sharp edges point to transitional style; strong angles, circles, and dramatic geometric shapes are akin to contemporary styles.


Granite is a very durable material and can be easily maintained used mild soap and water or specific stone cleaners. Annual or bi-annual re-buffing and re-sealing granite will help maintain a like-new appearance. Granite is heat-resistant, so you can transfer something directly from the oven to the counter.


Prices vary according to the rarity of the stone and place of origin, as well as more obscure factors such as the price of oil and overall world trade health. The least expensive stones are found in groups A-C, including common colors such as New Caledonia (A), Giallo Ornamental (B), and Amber Fantasy (C). Groups D-E include stones such as Blue Pearl (D) and Black Beauty (E). Custom and rare stones are the most expensive, and examples include Calcutta Gold Quartzite or Iceberg Quartzite.

Selection and Installation

When deciding on a granite to use in your home redesign, be sure to view the stone in slab form as opposed to small showroom samples, since colors and consistency can vary significantly. Granite installations require a job-site measure and template to get an accurate fit, and Drury recommends using a highly qualified stone fabricator and seeing how your template fits on specific slabs to avoid any flawed portions of the stone.

Here is an example of a Drury kitchen redesign using granite – Rustic Burr Ridge Kitchen Remodel. This kitchen uses black galaxy granite for the perimeter and a custom granite on the island.