Better Together: Design Trends That Pair Well Together

Bath Design, Home Design, Kitchen Design

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Peanut butter and jelly, Lucy and Ricky, cookies and milk- some things are meant to be paired, and elements of home design are no different. With a little creativity and an eye for complementary features, you can enhance your Chicago home redesign with elements that are just better together.

better together kitchen with light counter and dark cabinets

When designing a kitchen or bathroom, there are many materials and elements that accent each other. Two of the most common elements that pair well together are decorative lighting and cabinet hardware. These pieces are often considered the “jewelry” of the space, and with that perspective, you can accessorize your home like you would a favorite outfit. You can pair colors or even shapes such as an antique mirrored pendant and polished nickel hardware, or a tall, skinny, cylinder pendant and a long bar cabinet pull.

Another important pairing is the flooring and cabinetry. If you want hardwood flooring in your kitchen redesign, consider making the cabinets a few shades light or darker so that they “pop” against the floor rather than blending in. The same goes for a tile floor- the floor is key to a home redesign because it’s the basis on which the project comes to life!

White Kitchen with Textured Backsplash

You can also experiment with different color schemes to enhance your kitchen or bathroom redesign. The color scheme reflects your vision for the space. Our designers have noticed that homeowners have been transitioning from the gold/beige scheme to a gray scheme. For a contrast in coolness and warmth that evokes a transitional style, try pairing a gray color scheme with a rick, dark stained cabinet.

For a bold, eye-catching look, look for places to use a fun burst of color. For example, mix lime green or bright blue with stainless inserts and appliances. Or, if you prefer a more classic design, a clean, white kitchen with black accents on the island or hooded area is both elegant and timeless.

better together kitchen with light cabinets and dark countertops

Need a little more inspiration? Here are three popular design pairings in kitchen and bathroom redesign:

1. Contrasting colors and textures (for example, smooth versus textured surfaces, or shiny versus matte finishes)
2. Variation of lighting (such as LED cans mixed with LED wire-system track lights, or accent lighting mixed with decorative fixtures)
3. Contrasting countertops and backsplash tiles (such as a soft, subdued backsplash tile with a statement piece countertop, or vice versa)

No matter what effect you’re trying to achieve with your Chicago home redesign, including complementary accents will add visual interest and your unique, personal touch to your home. Keep an open mind and be on the lookout for a dynamic design duo to light up your home.