Breaking Down Houzz’s 2019 Kitchen Design Trends Study

Kitchen Design

Every year Houzz releases a kitchen trend study, this year’s 35-page report touches on everything from renovation motivators to what is the most popular kitchen cabinet color. Follow along as we break down the top facts and design trends of this year’s report.

Like fashion, kitchen design trends are constantly changing and this year’s report focuses on living through a remodel,  the trend of aging in place, tech in the kitchen, and mixing materials in your remodel.

2019 Houzz Kitchen Design Report Highlights Four Trends

Before we dive into the top four trends, let’s take a look at a few foundational findings.

Top motivators for a kitchen renovation

40% finally having the financial means – has increased year over year

28% recently purchased their home

Top kitchen renovation triggers

43% can no longer stand their old kitchen

40% wanted to do it all along and finally have the means

28% purchased home recently and want to make it their own

  1. Remodeling: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Most homeowners opt to stay in their homes during a kitchen renovation (66%); the rest move out either partially (26%) or completely (8%). Homeowners staying put are less likely to experience extreme stress than those who move out, while partial movers are most likely to regret their arrangements (23%). Most movers opt to live with family and friends (55%). There’s no right or wrong answer here, whatever will give you the most peace of mind is what you should go with.

Top lifestyle changes after kitchen renovation

49% more family time

41% more home cooking

40% more entertaining

  1. Tech Transformation

More than half of upgraded faucets are high-tech (57%), boasting water efficiency, no-fingerprint coating or touch-free activation. Other high-tech features such as wireless controls (16%) in upgraded appliances and home assistants (31%) in upgraded electronics are growing in popularity. Black stainless steel appliances now appear in one in 10 upgraded kitchens.

Top Kitchen Design Styles

22% Contemporary

16% Transitional

13% Traditional

  1. Engineered Materials Dominate

Engineered quartz (48%) surpassed all natural stone materials combined (43%) in popularity, paving the way to increasingly white countertops. Similarly, engineered flooring, such as engineered wood, vinyl and laminate, has become nearly twice as popular (40%) as natural hardwood (24%).

  1. Mixed Metals Abound

The Houzz 2019 study found that styles and finishes in the kitchen are shifting. While transitional is still the most popular style (21%), farmhouse (14%) has seen steady gains, now nearly tying with contemporary (15%) for second place. Gray cabinets are also gaining momentum (11%). Most homeowners are mixing metal finishes in hardware and fixtures with matte nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and matte black.

  1. Age in Place

    Over a third of baby boomers (ages 55 or older) address aging needs during kitchen renovations (37%), a lower proportion than that reported for master bathrooms (56%). Those addressing aging needs are more likely to make their kitchens larger and more open and to equip them with elaborate lighting, cooktops, wall ovens, touch-free faucets and stone flooring.

Top Interior Design Colors

As design professionals, we might see the tide turning away from all-white kitchens, but Houzz’s 2019 design study still shows white is king in the remodeling market. Whether that means mixing colors with white or not, white still proves to be a classic go-to color.

26% Walls: Gray

42% Cabinets: White

33% Countertop: Multicolored

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