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Kitchen Design

It’s hard to imagine that any room in the house is more important than the kitchen. It’s where families get together to discuss their day, where kids sit down to work on school projects, and where some people find themselves in the middle of the night seeking an ice cream fix. People love their kitchens, and they want it to be the focal point their home.

Modern kitchen designs often feature flat panel doors and horizontal lines.

Modern kitchen design

It can be easy to achieve as long as a few rules are followed. The term, modern kitchen, refers to a basic kitchen design that broke tradition in the mid-20th century. A custom modern kitchen, such as the one above designer by Gail Drury, CMKBD of Drury Design, most often features the following items:

-Flat panel or slab doors

-Sleek, simple hardware

-Emphasized horizontal lines

-Minimal ornamentation

-Emphasis on the intrinsic beauty of the materials

Cabinet style for the Modern Kitchen Design

Frameless cabinets are an easy and effective start to creating a fantastic looking modern kitchen. Frameless cabinets maximize storage and offer a clean, modern look.  Maple doors with a white painted finish create a transitional look. Slab doors in exotic veneers or poly finishes offer an edgier more modern effect.

Countertops for a Modern Kitchen Design

Who says a kitchen has to have granite countertops to make it stylish? Quartz such as Cambria, soapstone, and recycled glass and other materials offer a myriad of colors and textures in today’s modern kitchen.  Anything from vibrant colors to muted neutrals are available options.

Horizontal Lines and Natural Beauty

The modern kitchen gains its style by pulling attention away from the individual elements, and accentuating the natural beauty of the materials themselves. When using hardware, go with long, tubular type handles that extend the full distance of the drawers, or C-Channels that create very little breakage in linear flow. And, stick to furniture – such as kitchen seating with clean, simple lines and as little ornamentation as possible.

Less is more in a contemporary kitchen design.

Less is More – Keep it Simple

By now, simplicity may sound a bit redundant, but it’s important to understand that sleek, clean lines are vital in maintaining a modern style. Go with a solid surface, solid glass or stacked simple subway tiles for a clean look.  Stainless steel appliances can add to the simple sophistication of a modern kitchen. Modern light fixtures placed as the result of a well-designed lighting plan is essential.


It goes without saying; the best looking kitchens are those that appear well organized and clean. Paying extra attention to organization can deter visual disruptions caused by clutter. The modern kitchen should be allowed to shine by itself, with little decoration. Small appliances, like toasters and coffee makers should be hidden from plain view when not in use. Appliances garages and walk-in pantries can help hide the clutter.

A modern kitchen’s simplicity can lend a timeless style to any home.

Adding a modern kitchen to a house can make it the envy of the neighborhood. Those planning to enjoy their new kitchen for many years to come can take comfort in knowing that the well-design modern kitchen will never go out of style.