Custom Kitchen Range Hoods | What’s Under the Hood?

Kitchen Design

A kitchen range hood is:

A. A focal point that anchors the room
B. A design feature with infinite possibilities
C. A functional appliance that cleans air
D. The hearth of the home
E. All of the above

If you answered E, you are correct! Here at Drury Design, we’ve designed, built and installed hundreds of custom kitchen hearths.

While a range hood may not be the first custom kitchen design feature that pops up on a wish list, the final choice will influence the look, feel, mood and functionality of the renovated space.

What’s the functional purpose of a kitchen hood?

The purpose of a range hood is to provide ventilation for the kitchen.  It removes smoke, odors, grease, and steam from the air. Ever fried a batch of bacon too fast? Then you know how fast the air can fill with smoke. Over time, greasy air can cover and potentially ruin your cabinetry. Grease can float in the air for days, which is why you may smell bacon long after breakfast is over.

What’s under the hood?

A high-powered ventilation system designed to pull cooking fumes, airborne grease and odors outside through connected ductwork. Proper kitchen ventilation helps to protect your investment and your health.

How is a kitchen hearth hood constructed?

There are many types of hoods, each with their own unique construction. Some modern and professional style hoods are made of stainless steel. Custom metal hoods are pricey, but a dramatic option. Wood hoods, designed to match the cabinetry, can also be used to conceal the ventilation fan.

How does a range hood integrate into the kitchen’s design?

Some hoods are designed to blend in, and some to stand out and create a focal point.  It all depends on what the homeowner is looking for!

Unique Custom Kitchen Hoods

Featured on, this Drury Design kitchen was designed around the requirement that the hood be above the island. The use of a stucco texture over the trim helped the hood to visually blend into the space.

Over on, a white stone range hood and white corbels frame an intricate tile backsplash that acts as the focal point of this Drury Design kitchen.

Gail Drury, CMKBD, has this take on metal range hoods in, “Wood mantle hoods are being replaced with metal hoods or ones that are a combination of wood and metal,” Drury says. “If you’re planning to follow suit with the current fixation on neutral color tones, a metal hood can introduce a burst of contrast into your kitchen.”

Will it be stone, wood or metal? Our designers will show you several looks to transform your functional kitchen range hood into the focal point hearth of your home.