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Wondering what to expect during our no-obligation design consultation? Here’s a run-down of what you can anticipate.

 1. Defining Your Goals

 2. Design Discovery

 3. The Wonders of Full-Service

 4. Budget Discussion

 5. Getting from How to Wow!

A Drury Design Consultation

What can you expect during your first home visit with one of our designers? While all our designer-client partnerships have their own unique journey, our design process is driven by your ideas, goals, our expertise, as well as our ability to listen, educate and explore the possibilities with you.

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Defining goals

To understand your unique goals, your designer will want to learn more about why you’ve decided to remodel. Perhaps you just bought a new home, your appliances are on the fritz, or you’ve decided you’re sick of your 1980’s kitchen. Whatever your reason, your designer is going to walk through your space with you while listening intently, taking your direction and finding what keeps you up at night.

Design Discovery

Now that you’ve decided to remodel, you probably have an idea of how you want your space to feel, function, and look. Have you saved images on Pinterest or Houzz? Collecting inspiration can be a great way to show your designer your style and ideas. Either way, your designer will be ready with questions to understand your design aesthetic.

Often your list of “wants” comes from different pain-points with your current space. Perhaps you’ve been walking around an inconvenient peninsula for far too many years, or you have a large family and have always dreamed of double ovens. It’s important to start thinking about what matters to you and what you believe will really make your space function for you. But don’t feel you need to have all the answers right away!

Your designer will spend a great deal of time with you in this discovery phase. It’s important for them to have a clear understanding of your wish list and requirements. They will ask a lot of questions for clarification and identify options that could work for you.

The wonders of full-service

Here at Drury, we have a full-service approach. This is beneficial to you because we handle everything from the initial design phase – concepts, drawings, material selections, through final installation. We are your coach, design partner, materials supplier, and project manager. We have a full team of dedicated professionals that will work together on your project to ensure all details are discussed and addressed. You will even get a detailed schedule of your remodel that describes the work to be completed and who is going to be in your home each day.

Budget, budget, budget

Budget is important, there’s no denying that. Now that your designer better understands your goals, they will be able to help you understand the cost of materials so you can maximize your selections within your budget. Perhaps you have specific pro-style appliances in mind which will take up a good amount of your budget, no problem. Your designer will help educate you on the pros and cons of various options so you can make choices that work for you.

Now that we understand your goals and have seen your space, we have a better understanding of the scope of work and will be able to put together a high-to-low budget analysis. This is a detailed spreadsheet of rough estimates by category which explains possible investment ranges to fulfill your project’s goals.

Next Steps

Here is where the real benefit of our Client Focused Design™ lies. It’s not our goal to provide you with an actual cost during our design consultation. How could we? We just met. Our goal at the consultation is to educate you on what a project like yours could cost.

We know that customer satisfaction is the result of a near perfect solution and not something that should be decided on after a couple hours of discussion. Drury’s design process is a collaborative effort that enables the designer to create specific designs targeted toward your needs which are identified through a very specific questionnaire. So it stands to reason that final design and numbers will come after we show you what is possible. We then will provide you with a complete design solution that’s in sync with your expectations, not ours.

This collaborative process is an important difference between us and many of our competitors. We will never throw out an ambiguous price to win your business and then come back to you later with surprise upcharges due to insufficient allowances. Drury Design strives to be transparent with its clients so they feel confident that the level of quality and service they will receive will be second to none.

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