Drury Design Joins GuildQuality 

GuildQuality: a third party platform used to collect unbiased client reviews

Since joining GuildQuality in 2018, Drury Design has accumulated invaluable reviews, feedback, and a truly transparent insight into our client’s design+build experience.  These results guide us in ensuring we continuously serve our clients in the best way possible throughout their remodel.  Our profile and reviews are attributed to the quality of work Drury provides. 

What is GuildQuality?

GuildQuality is the nation’s leader in third-party customer satisfaction surveying for remodelers, homebuilders, and home services contractors. Consumers can read unbiased, detailed reviews from previous customers to verify the quality of the company they are considering hiring for a project. Most importantly, we also benefit from hearing our customers’ honest assessments of their projects, learning about what areas we are excelling in and what areas need improvement.

Why GuildQuality?

We partner with GuildQuality to not only provide our future clients a completely transparent look into our business before partnering with us but also enable us to identify areas we can improve our service and approach. Take a look at what our clients are saying! With over 30+ years of experience in the design+build industry, Drury Design has completed projects all over the Chicagoland area. This map gives an inside look at where exactly we’ve done business and what your neighbors said about their experience with us.

Important points to remember about GuildQuality:

  • GuildQuality uses a myriad of ways to survey our clients and achieves a 70% success rate.
  • Surveys are sent directly to us in real time upon customer completion.
  • The feedback received by client reviews keeps us aware of our clients’ experiences and enables us to identify areas for improvement in our approach and services.
  • Reviews help us evaluate the individuals involved, our overall team performance, as well as the performance of our vendors and subcontracting partners.
  • The feedback adds to our culture of providing excellent customer service every time.


Visit our GuildQuality profile HERE