Four Predictions for Design in 2015

Kitchen Design, News Releases

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We’re a month into 2015, and now that the confetti has settled from New Year’s, we’ve had the time to see which design trends for 2015 are really taking hold! This year, for kitchen design and bathroom design, we’re seeing a variety of fun design trends that homeowners are incorporating into their Chicago home renovations.

Here are four kitchen and bathroom design trends that have captured our eye so far this year:

Modern Trends in Contemporary Kitchen Design

According to a recent National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Design Trends Survey, contemporary kitchen design is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Contemporary design will be the fastest growing kitchen style this year, and 62% of survey respondents said contemporary kitchen design is trending upwards after ending 2013 in second place. Other modern kitchen features that are becoming popular include touch-activated faucets or electronic (no touch faucets), LED lighting, energy-saving appliances, and docking and/or charging stations in the kitchen.

Shades of Blue in Interior Design

Ready to spruce up your interior with a new coat of paint or two? Consider a shade of blue! Blues, aqua, and teals are all trending right now for interiors. These colors are classic shades that will stay popular for a long time, and they’re also a lovely accent when paired with white painted cabinetry, another trend that’s still very popular. Shades of blue also mix well with other colors, whether you’re going for a fun, light-hearted look (bright shades of teal and sunny yellow for a sunroom, for example) or a more timeless color scheme (such as navy blue paired with a light grey).

Graphic Tiles

Brightly colored and patterned tiles don’t have to be used only for decorating your outdoor patio anymore; now, we’re seeing graphic tiles move indoor more and more in a perfect marriage of graphic design and interior design. Printed tiles in bold geometric patterns, elegant damask, and tribal or ethnic patterns are on-trend right now, and we’re also seeing a continued interest in large format tiles with lots of texture.

Natural and Organic Design

The trend toward all things “green” is still going strong. Gen Y clients are especially savvy about the environment and are always on the lookout for new products that have the look they want but are still environmentally-friendly. Bamboo, which is a renewable product, is especially popular in both kitchen or bathroom cabinetry and flooring.

Of course, with any “trendy” design idea, the difficulty lies in incorporating the trend in a classic way so that your kitchen or bathroom renovation will stand the test of time. Drury designers can help you identify the trends that you’re drawn to and implement them in your home in a timeless design.