Green Design: Bright Ideas with Dimmers

Kitchen Design

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Light dimmers are always a great idea for incorporating in renovations and new home design; whether they be individual dimmers or part of a programmed control system. They allow you to control lighting for specific tasks, set moods for different occasions, and reduce energy consumption.

But did you know that lights alone contribute up to 20% of the average American household’s electricity bill? So if you considering a home renovation project or new home incorporating dimmer switches is a fairly bright idea and will result in meaningful energy savings, reducing your energy costs. The following chart from Lutron Electronics illustrates how dramatic the savings per light can be.

The most recent line-up in residential light dimmers from Lutron is the Lutron EcoDim featuring 27 different colors to match any decor. The new switches automatically cap the light output at 85% and feature an LED display that provides the user with instant feedback when they are saving at least 15% energy.

To find out how less energy you could be using by incorporating dimmer switches in your new project, here is an energy savings calculator from Lutron.

Lighting can really make or break a kitchen design. There are so many different and important lighting aspects in a new kitchen – task, pendant, overhead cans, in-cabinet, under-cabinet…I could go on. I always incorporate dimmers in my kitchen designs, and educate my clients as to the benefits of a Lutron control system. I have never had a client incorporate a Lutron control system into their new kitchen that did not really appreciate the effect a control system provides both aesthetically and functionally.

Gail Drury, CMKBD