Have YOU Seen This Year’s Hottest Kitchen Trends?

Kitchen Design

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Our own Gail Drury, President of Drury Design, alongside Canadian Designer, Jane Lockhart, were featured in Forbes to give a designer’s sneak peek into what kitchen trends are hot this year.

2016 is in full swing and has brought a charming mix of soft muted color palettes while wowing us with a throwback of revamped ‘80’s glam, and some Mid-Century Modern.

Advice from Gail Drury

– Bold primary colors will be replaced by drier colors, such as muted blues, greens, and pale yellows

– Kitchens will be designed around smart devices, including hidden charging stations, smart appliances, steam ovens, built-in coffee machines, wine coolers and anything that helps a family on the go

– Brass with satin rather than shiny finishes

– Metal will become more dominant, such as metal hoods instead of wood

– Contrast will come from texture instead of color or different materials, “The same exact stone can be finished three ways and combined in the same space, the difference is very subtle but at the same time makes a statement about attention to detail”

– Different forms of lighting will be layered, such as LED light strips below and above cabinetry, below countertops and all will include different mood settings

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It’s no surprise that as people’s lives are getting more hi-tech, living spaces are expected to live up to that level too – like this recent kitchen remodel in St. Charles IL. This means smart appliances and convenient charging spaces to accommodate all devices. However, as homes are filled with the latest and greatest technology, the architecture is taking on a more simplistic, and sleek design while being filled with a muted and calm color pallet.

Be sure to check out Drury Designs’ complete online portfolio here.

Want the full list? Check out Forbes 9 Kitchen Trends To Watch For In 2016. This insightful interview gives an accurate look into what design trends are in, and what design trends are out!