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Designing a Home Entertainment Center

Written by: Rick Aikins – FirstPoint Residential Communications – A/V Specialists

This entertainment center is part of a whole basement remodel. See more of this project in Rec Room Re-imagined – Basement Remodel in our portfolio.

The showpiece for many homes is the entertainment room. These rooms can be dedicated home theaters in a basement area or multi-purpose theaters in areas like a play room, family room, or even a bedroom. The goal of each is to provide a large flat panel video display with surround sound speakers that can provide an exhilarating movie watching or video gaming experience while matching the décor and use of the room.

This living room entertainment center is part of an Oak Brook, IL whole home remodel, see more in Transitional Oak Brook Home Renovation, Transitional Oak Brook Master Bath Renovation, Transitional Oak Brook Basement Bar Renovation, and Transitional Oak Brook Dining Room Renovation

The Great Room

Sometimes, the best entertainment room is already the center of the home – the family room. Particularly above fireplaces, the stately décor and ambiance of the room can best be maintained through motorized artwork that conceals the flat panel television. High definition screen prints of your family, custom artwork or custom frames are all available. You can even replace the artwork over time as your family grows. The audio system can also be centered beautifully behind the artwork or you can use Visual Performance or Architectural speakers for increasing levels of audio performance and aesthetic beauty.

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Home Theater

Home theaters are best defined as spaces in which light can be controlled and the enclosed wall structure provides for optimum surround sound. In these rooms, projects can be used with ultra-large screens to provide an experience like a professional movie theater.

See more projects like this in our portfolio under “Other Rooms”

Items to consider when developing a theater – sound proofing, arranging the seating for optimal viewing angles, sound optimization within the room, and the use of the projector (movies, sports, gaming, etc.). New LED projectors run cool, with long-life bulbs and 3-D models are on the way.