Home Remodeling Design Trends | Gold-Toned Hardware

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Did you know cabinet hardware – knob and pull finishes tend to follow in line with jewelry design trends? If you want to follow the next trend, go to a jewelry store to see where the trends are headed.

Like most home remodeling design trends, hardware fashions seem to run full circle but come back with a twist the second time around.

As you may remember, polished brass was popular in the 80’s. But now, that shiny brass finish that everyone wants to get rid of is coming back with a classy spin: the shiny finish is can be replaced with a soft sheen in either a satin or brushed finish.

The brushed bronze/brass finish is an updated look for those homeowners tired of the brushed nickel trend and chrome finishes that have dominated the market the last few years. It adds not only subtle warmth to remodeling designs, but also creates a richness against darker stained woods.

This finish is becoming more and more popular as the year progresses. To learn how brass and gold-toned hardware can fit into your next design project, talk with a designer today!