HOUZZ & HOME STUDY – Top 4 Reasons Why You Need An Expert

Home Design

You are on the verge of embarking on your long awaited home remodel and now weighing the benefits of hiring a professional.  According to this Houzz & Home Report surveying, more than 120,000 respondents- 4 out of 5 home remodelers use a professional.  And, here is why.

1. Turning Your Vision Into a Reality

You have it all imagined, you have Houzz Idea Books, snippets from Better Homes & Gardens cut out, and Pinterest boards ranging from flooring to cabinetry, and even the decorative lighting fixtures to place over your island. But do you know how to make bring it all together, source, and install all of these materials to make it sing?

When you hire a design professional, you not only get the design “how to” and expertise, you get all of their resources too.   Professional designers are immersed in the field of home design every day, and when you say you want a white subway tile with a beveled edge backsplash, they have a dozen or so examples up their sleeve at the ready.

2. Budget, Budget, Budget!

A remarkable, one-third of remodelers go over budget somewhere between 25% – 50% than originally planned. But, if you are going to splurge – make sure it counts. You want someone who knows the ins and out of the business and when to and when not to splurge.  Someone who knows how much things cost and knows how to put together a realistic budget. A professional designer also knows how to source (purchase) the materials and what upgrades will add value to your design and home.

3. Managing Your Job Site – a Full-time Job

You are busy, perhaps you have kids that need to go to ballet and soccer, or maybe you have a deadline at work you need to reach – who knows what might come up. Taking on a home remodel is a full-time job – hence why it should be someone else’s job – not yours. You don’t have time to call your contractor and tell them your cabinets arrived in Glacier White instead of Oxford White like you ordered. Hiring a design expert means they do the busy work for you so you can take that off your already full plate.

4. The Dreaded Unexpected

Granite vs. quartz, and permits – oh my!  There isn’t just a long list of design details that go into a remodel; there are also lists of best practices, precautions, and important items not to be overlooked.  Hiring an experienced professional ensures all the planning and correct measures are considered before you start. This helps you save time, money in the long run and protects your family during the remodel and your home’s value in the future.  Expensive is – doing it yourself and failing.

Are you ready to start planning a home remodel? If so, talk to one of our professional designers today here.