Houzz Study Reveals Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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What’s hot in kitchen remodeling? Houzz.com knows. Here is the survey.

In October 2013, over 7,500 Houzz users participated in the online “Kitchen Remodeling Survey.”

Kitchen Remodeling Survey Reveals Kitchen Design Trends:

-Bigger is not always better, but wide open spaces are. One-third of survey respondents plan to increase square footage, while three-quarters will open up the room.

-Younger homeowners prefer a contemporary or modern look while those over 55 favor a traditional look.

-Replacing countertops is key – with granite and quartz as the top picks.

-Integrating appliances into cabinetry is popular; stainless is still the top choice.

-Soft and neutral is the most popular color scheme choice (75 percent). Homeowners who choose bold colors are more likely to create a contemporary or modern kitchen.

-Nearly half of respondents cite using eco-friendly appliances and materials as important and are more likely to choose tile flooring, while all other groups favored hardwood.

“People renovating their kitchens have to make thousands of decisions about layout, styles, products, the right kitchen designers and remodelers to hire for their project, and much more,” said Liza Hausman, VP of Community for Houzz. “Houzz provides all the tools homeowners need to make these decisions easier and more fun, and to turn their dreams into reality. We’re pleased to share this data to give people greater confidence in their choices, and to give home professionals greater insights into their clients’ wants and needs.”

Why do homeowners plan kitchen renovations?

Beauty, function and upgraded appliances have continued to be the driving homeowner preferences when kitchen remodeling according the 2013 Houzz survey. Such is the case in this recent Hinsdale, IL kitchen remodel by Designer, Janice Teague of Drury Design.

The kitchen remodeling survey says:

-80% want to make their kitchens more beautiful and to please themselves

-59% want to make the kitchen more functional

-52% want to upgrade features or appliances

-48% want to improve organization and storage

How about you? What are your plans to renovate your kitchen?

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