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Dear Drury Design,

I have a question that’s probably hard to answer, but I’m going to ask anyway. 🙂 How long does it take to complete a kitchen remodel? What about a primary bath project?

I’m sure that the size of the space, scope of the project and many other things probably change the equation quite a bit, but is there a general way to wrap my head around how long it takes to work with you on a kitchen or bath remodeling project from start to finish?


Linda from Hinsdale

Thank you for your question!


Hi Linda from Hinsdale,

This is arguably one of the most-asked questions we get from folks considering a remodel project. Generally speaking, a kitchen remodel – from demolition to completion – can take approximately 7-8 weeks. A primary bathroom remodel can take about 6-7 weeks. These timeframes typically include basic structural changes like soffit and wall removal. However, some structural changes do require additional time.

In reality, the timeframe is logical, considering the scope of work. Here’s how a general breakdown could look for either remodel.

2 to 3 weeks to prepare the space for new materials. This work includes everything from demolition to mechanical rough-ins (plumbing, electrical, and ventilation) and sheetrock.

3 to 7 days for floor work. If a kitchen is getting new wood floors, the process takes about a week for laying the wood, sanding, staining, applying a top coat, and drying time. Most primary bathrooms have a tile floor and depending on the size of the floor, this work might take 3-5 days. In both types of remodels, no other work can be done in the space as the floor cannot be walked on.

So we’re now about 3 weeks into the project and moving into the exciting phase of the remodel – installation of new materials!

2 weeks for initial installation work. At this point, base cabinets are installed and countertops are measured for fabrication. The latter usually takes about 10 working days, so here’s another 2 weeks tacked onto the current 3-week timeframe. Many times, work can be done in either space while the countertops are being fabricated. Tile work in showers can continue and most remaining cabinetry can be installed in a kitchen. In some instances, however, additional cabinet and trim installation cannot take place until the countertops are in place, depending on the cabinet design and layout.

1 to 2 weeks for final installation work. Once the countertops are installed, plumbing fixtures and appliances are set along with any outstanding cabinetry and trim. The electrician will complete the final lighting requirements including ceiling can lights, decorative fixtures, and under cabinet lighting. Shower glass, bathroom mirrors, glass and shelves for cabinets are measured and set in place. Miscellaneous work specific to a particular project, such as new windows or doors, is completed at this time. All this brings us to the completion date.


A few things to know…

Some work cannot be done until other work is completed first. For example, shower glass typically takes about 10 days to fabricate, but the glass measure cannot happen until the shower is completely tiled. Plumbing fixtures such as sinks and faucets cannot be installed until the countertops are in place. The same holds true for kitchen backsplash or tile wainscot in a bathroom.

Some may wonder why a remodel can take so long, others wonder why so short … depending on what they’ve seen on TV or heard from acquaintances. The best way to know how long your remodel will take is to ask a professional who understands the process and can provide accurate information based on your project’s scope of work. While each remodel has specific nuances that have bearing on the timeline, the 7-8 weeks for the kitchen and 6-7 weeks for a bathroom is a good guideline.

Planning perk – Interestingly, if both projects were remodeled at the same time, the timeframe would be reduced to approximately 10-12 weeks. This is because the installers have already protected the home, have their equipment on site, and can move from one space to another seamlessly. So while renovating 2 rooms at the same time may seem daunting, in the long run, it’s usually the best approach.

Drury Design provides written schedules for every project with a specific start and completion date; defining the scope of work to be done each day and the person responsible for the work. One can come home from work every day, look at the schedule, and see that the work has been completed as planned. Drury’s defined installation process addresses a primary concern for anyone considering a remodel … the desire for some type of timeframe assurance. This is just one of the many services Drury Design offers its clients.

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions about project timelines, potential start dates, etc.



Drury Design 

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