How to Brighten Up Home Design with LED Lighting

Home Design

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If there’s one thing each and every home design benefits from, it’s lighting!  Whether you choose to brighten up your home’s interiors with simple overhead bulbs or a vintage chandelier, proper lighting is essential for brightening up your living space.

How to Brighten Up Home Design with LED Lighting

LED lighting has made grand strides over the last few years and has become an indispensable decorative tool in accent and task lighting as well as being energy efficient.

The long lifespan and energy efficiency combined with its non-toxic characteristics are what make it a leader in the industry. Some LED lights last for years, saving on costs and energy for your home.

When building or remodeling a home, LED should be the first choice for all of your lighting needs. This would include recessed can lights, under cabinet lighting, and decorative lighting. You can choose to use LED lighting virtually anywhere in your home design – kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and bedrooms.

How to Brighten Up Home Design with LED Lighting

LED lighting has a range of appearances, such as warm or cool tones, which is nice when updating an existing home that may have all incandescent lighting.

If you have a softer color palette, you can use warm white bulbs that match your previous incandescent bulbs. Looking for a cool, crisp feel? Try cooler white bulbs that match the coloring of similar halogen bulbs without the added heat.

How to Brighten Up Home Design with LED Lighting

As interior design evolves through the years, it adapts to individual lifestyles and needs creating product and technical innovations. Anything to make life easier is always a plus.

Lighted drawers, or even lighted pantry cabinets, are definitely not a necessity, but when a homeowner incorporates this in their new kitchen, they soon ask themselves, “How did I ever live without lights?”

The added ‘bling’ of LED lighting can be used in areas like jewelry drawers with glass countertops to showcase beautiful pieces.  Or, they can add ultimate function for darker drawers. It’s the little things in design that can make a world of difference in your everyday life.

How to Brighten Up Home Design with LED Lighting

Watch this video to see how Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry integrates lighting into its custom tailored cabinets. Open any drawer or door opening in the kitchen to illuminate the interior. This amazing enhancement to the kitchen’s functionality is made possible by the use of the latest LED lighting technology.

Stop by our showroom to explore all that LED lighting can do – for your kitchen and for you!