How to Choose a Kitchen Sink – or Two

Kitchen Design

Not just for washing and drying anymore, the modern kitchen sink is one of a kitchen design’s many focal points. In addition to the range hood, counters, and colors, a sink – or two – can complement the design and turn up the drama. To get more information on sinks, we interviewed our own Alicia Saso, AKBD

While the sink may not be the first place you think of when you start your Chicago kitchen remodel, you may be surprised at the number of options you have to choose from.  Here is an informative “how-to” video from Blanco America on How to Choose a Kitchen Sink.

It’s where every meal begins: the kitchen sink.Vegetables shower. Fruit rinses. Pasta drains. And, once in awhile, dishes wash and drip dry.

For the latest in design and the highest durability, along with Blanco, Drury Design recommends sinks from these manufacturers:  Elkay, Lenova, and Kohler.

In our interview with our own Chicago kitchen designer Alicia Saso Back in the day, Alicia cut her teeth at Drury Design supporting Drury’s senior designers with planning, design, preparation of AutoCAD drawings, and project management details, for a multitude of custom kitchens and bathrooms from start to finish. As a designer, Alicia brings a deep understanding of what goes into each signature Drury Design project.

Double or Single Bowls?

Function is the first choice you’ll make. Do you prefer a large single bowl or a multi-purpose double sink?

Alicia says the answer depends on how you function in your kitchen. For example, if you use one side of the sink to wash dishes and the other to let dishes drip dry, a double bowl is the best. For those that love to cook for crowds, a large single bowl that accommodates oversize pots is the first choice. And, there’s only one bowl to clean. Maybe that’s why Alicia sees more single bowls.

Whatever you choose, the average base will be between 30 and 36 inches.  A good size is between 30-32 inches.

Going the double sink route?

You’ll decide on both bowl size and depth. Double bowl sinks may be divided evenly or split into a larger and a smaller side. Depths may vary as well. You’ll need at least a seven-inch deep sink. The deepest bowls, that accommodate oversize pots and casseroles, can be up to 11 inches deep.

When asked which bowl is best, Alicia says, “You do have the dishwasher to clean your dishes so you won’t be washing everyday items in the sink. It’s easier to clean bigger pots in a single bowl. For instance, being of Italian descent, I like a single bowl to clean up serving dishes.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

According to Alicia, 95% of Drury Design’s projects have undermount kitchen sinks. This means the sink is fitted underneath the countertop. With no edge between the counter and the sink, it’s easier to clean up. Counter crumbs sweep directly into the sink.

Although overmount sinks are not as popular, the sink’s rim resting on the counter can be an attractive design feature. Drury Design’s newest display features an overmount sink by Blanco.  Keep in mind if you wipe into an overmount you’ll have to clean around the rim.

What about farm or apron style sinks?

Farm sinks or apron front sinks can be an attractive focal point. Stop by Drury Design’s showroom to see one in an eye-catching hammered nickel finish.

How many?

With a smaller kitchen, Alicia says it usually doesn’t make sense to have more than one sink. For kitchens with one or two islands, a prep sink saves steps. And, it’s nice to have one in the butler’s pantry.

Kitchen Sink Materials Comparison

At Drury Design, we’re still using a lot of stainless steel undermount sinks.  There are many new options to choose from with updated and cleaner styling like the STEELART line from Blanco featured in the above.

Composite sinks, made up of up to 80% quartz or granite, appeal to homeowners who don’t like stainless or porcelain. With a range of color options, these sinks offer creative design options and are also heat and scratch resistant. Check out Blanco’s Silgranit sinks.

Kitchen Sink Accessories

In the accessories department, Alicia recommends a divider for single bowl sinks. “A feature on some single bowl sinks includes a removable divider that adds to the sink’s versatility,” Alicia says. “When we install stainless steel undermount sinks, people often request an optional grid to protect the finish.” Other accessories you’ll want to check out include sliding cutting boards and dish drying racks.

Kohler’s new Prolific sink is an innovative stainless-steel sink with three graduated ledges in the basin, so you can place the bamboo cutting board, multipurpose grated racks (two), colander, and washbin exactly where you want them for maximum efficiency.

What type of sink would you choose for your Chicago kitchen remodel?

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