How to Transform Your Bathroom into an Oasis

Bath Design, Kitchen Design

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Your bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your house, and it’s often the site of rushed morning showers, jockeying for space over the sink while brushing your teeth, and wet towels unceremoniously dropped in a corner. You- and your bathroom- deserve better than this! Use your bathroom remodel as an opportunity to give yourself a bathroom that doubles as a soothing oasis so that mornings aren’t quite so hectic and evenings can be enjoyed.

Add Functional Space

Add functional space with his-and-hers vanities.

Make the most out of your space so that your bathroom layout is working for you. His-and-hers vanities offer space and storage for all family members so that everyone has plenty of room to get ready in the mornings. To hide clutter, think about using your Chicago bathroom renovation to add outlets inside cabinets for things like electric tooth brushes or razors. You may also want to build separate spaces within the bathroom- for example, a sink area that’s adjacent to a toilet area that can be closed off with a door- so that no one’s privacy is invaded.

Choose Luxurious Plumbing

Choose luxurious plumbing, such as this free-standing soaking tub.

Plumbing elements like sunken tubs with jets, walk-in showers with glass doors, or steam showers will all bring relaxation to your spa bathroom. Bathtubs are a wonderful way to increase relaxation in a bathroom.  Enjoying a comforting air jet massage, chromatherapy bath, acoustic bath or even a hydrotherapy bath can relax the body instantly while also acting as a lavish centerpiece.  Using, air bubbles, lights, hydrojets or even music are all ways bath companies have created a truly unique bathing experience.

A steam shower can add another element of relaxation to your remodeled bathroom.

The same type of thinking is used in shower systems.  You can create your own personalized showering system by incorporating multiple body sprays, rain heads, steam, handhelds and even music through your shower speakers.  This is just another way for you to get away from everything going on outside of your personal oasis.

To get in relaxation mode, the best way to complete your experience is to transform the entire bathroom with lighting.  Such a small thing can make such a big difference in your overall mood.  Whether it be dimming your recessed fixtures, leaving just the chandelier lit or surrounding the bath with candles, all lighting plays a part in the enhancing the mood of your sanctuary.

Keep Design Simple and Chic

An example of simple design with floating cabinets

Even though you can achieve a mood in any style, it seems that the most relaxing bathrooms are also the simplest. Leaning more towards a contemporary/transitional look to evoke a spa-like mentality, your bathroom design might include floating cabinets, clean-line freestanding tubs, soft finishes (such as brushed nickel and light cabinets), and subtle yet adequate lighting. Cabinetry and plumbing should be linear and fluid.

To accent a simple chic design, choose light, soft, subdued colors and finishes to promote the most relaxation. Lightly stained or painted cabinets, smooth natural stone or porcelain floors, and simple lighting are also soothing design elements. To add more warmth to the space, it’s always nice to bring in a wooden accent, whether it be in the flooring, a wooden shower mat, or wood planking on the ceiling.

Your bathroom shouldn’t be an afterthought in your home’s design. With functional space, plush bathtubs and showers, and a simple chic design, you can transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and comfort.

Want some more inspiration for making over your bathroom? Contact Drury Designs today to bounce ideas off a designer, or check out our bathroom portfolio.