Welcoming New Talent to the Drury Design Family

Drury Design is thrilled to introduce the newest members of our award-winning design team – Jessica Dillman, who joins us as a Senior Designer, and Karla Mendoza, our new Assistant Designer. With their impressive skills and creative visions, Jessica and Karla are perfect complements to our talented roster of  designers.

Jessica Dillman – Senior Designer

With over 14 years of experience designing artful kitchens, Jessica Dillman is the newest senior designer at Drury Design. Her passion for design began at a young age with innovative Barbie dreamhouses. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, she honed her skills in tile, plumbing, furnishings, and ultimately kitchen and bath design – her true calling.

Jessica finds inspiration from the beauty of nature and intricacies of architecture. Her design philosophy blends stunning visuals with outstanding function, creating spaces that are both aesthetic marvels and highly practical. Jessica prides herself on her ability to solve complex design challenges, like a recent new construction project with strict timelines where she had to get creative restructuring cabinet layouts.

“I’m most excited to collaborate with Drury’s talented designers and leverage our combined expertise to transform any room into a client’s dream space,” said Jessica. “No matter the project scope, I’m obsessed with sweating the small stuff because those details truly elevate a design.”

Her interests outside of work, like photography, influence Jessica’s keen eye for composition, lighting, and focal points. We are elated to have such a seasoned professional with a unique perspective joining our senior design team.

Karla Mendoza – Assistant Designer

Karla Mendoza brings four years of interior design experience, along with a diverse, multicultural background to the Drury Design associate designer role. Karla studied in Peru alongside top designers. She has a passion for creating warm, luxurious spaces that embody her clients’ styles.

With a recent redesign of a furniture store’s entire three-level space as one of her proudest accomplishments, Karla specializes in transforming spaces through lighting, materials, and layout changes. Her wanderlust and love of exploring new cultures also shapes her creative, out-of-the-box designs.

Karla is eager to support the Drury team however needed, ensuring customer satisfaction through exceptional teamwork and service. “I’m thrilled to work with such talented designers who showcase their best work for clients every day.”

Please join us in welcoming Jessica and Karla to Drury Design! We know their skills and fresh perspectives will be an outstanding addition to our growing, innovative team.

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