Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Kitchen design trends have long been driven by a desire to create an environment that appeals to the senses. The pandemic has further pushed kitchen and design trends toward creating warmth and comfort, as well as toward function. The modern kitchen will be both inviting and efficient in 2022. 

The home has now become the main setting for work, sleep, and socialization, and the kitchen is often the hub of social activity. Kitchen cabinetry and kitchen countertops play a large role in driving the energy of kitchen design. Let’s look at some of the top kitchen design trends for 2022. 

Top Materials for Kitchen Design in 2022

Interior design relies heavily on material choices, particularly in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertop materials will set the tone and convey your overall vision. The modern kitchen design will see more warmth in the choice of materials. Glass partitions will be used by kitchen designers and homeowners to increase privacy and help define living spaces. 

Homeowners in 2022 will be drawn toward kitchen trends that are welcoming and airy while meeting functional requirements. As the pandemic has meant that many of us work and study at home by necessity, homeowners have found that a small kitchen can feel claustrophobic. When looking at kitchen remodeling, the choice of materials is key to making that small space feel larger.

Countertop Materials in Demand for 2022

The top countertop materials that will be in demand for 2022 will be easy to maintain, ecologically friendly, and will not require chemical treatments. Kitchen design trends for 2022 will see a continued increase in sustainable countertop materials like recycled glass. Natural stone countertop materials will also be in demand, including quartzite countertops, most of which are very dense and don’t require sealants.

Cabinet Materials in Demand for 2022

In 2022 kitchen interior design trends will move toward creating a peaceful, soothing atmosphere. Natural wood cabinet materials like oak and maple will be in demand because they provide warm color in the kitchen, embracing that calming ambiance. As environmental awareness grows, homeowners will increasingly desire cabinets that are made with sustainably harvested materials like bamboo, birch, and oak.  

Factors Driving Trends in Kitchen Materials in 2022

Open floor plans have long been an interior design trend, but you can expect to see a major change to this in 2022. Privacy, noise reduction, and the containment of smells are now more important than ever, and these will drive trends in kitchen materials. 

Another major factor driving trends in 2022 will be the use of natural materials. Natural kitchen materials not only have a warm feel; they also have health benefits. Spending more time in the home has incentivized homeowners to reduce the amount of chemically treated materials around them. And according to one Japanese study, natural materials may even reduce blood pressure.

Best Colors in Kitchen Design in 2022

The all-white kitchen trend of the past will see some added pops of natural color in 2022 due to the desire to represent the role of nature in the kitchen. Kitchen designers expect shades of green in kitchen cabinets to be a big kitchen design color trend, with warm shades of brown from natural wood also popular. Modern kitchens will see beautiful additions of natural wood cabinetry used to complement green shades of granite countertops.

A big kitchen color trend predicted for 2022 is rich blues and darker greens. For instance, navy or forest green cabinets will perfectly complement a white granite countertop.

Other future trends in 2022 will be black accents and appliances, which provide sophistication to any kitchen design. This will include black stainless or slate appliances paired with sleek, dark cabinets.

Factors Driving the Trends in Kitchen Design Colors for 2022

The pandemic will be the major force driving kitchen colors for the year. Almost everyone spends significantly more time at home now, and the kitchen is often the location for socializing, family meals, and sometimes even homework. With so much time spent in the kitchen, homeowners will be drawn toward color trends that create a peaceful and pleasant environment.  

The other influence for kitchen design color trends in 2022 will be the desire for a change of scenery within homeowners’ personal space. Homeowners will pursue kitchen remodeling projects around color trends designed to transport them to another place or bring nature indoors.

Making Color Trends for Kitchen Design Stand Out

The major color trends for 2022 are designed to produce a peaceful, calming mood. Wellness and sustainability have been major motivators behind color trends as well. However, the most important aspect of any kitchen design is to ensure that the homeowner’s distinct sense of personality stands out.

A practical way to make colors used in the kitchen stand out is contrasting and complementary colors. Complementing a daring cabinetry color choice with a neutral countertop is a great way to draw attention to trendy color choices. For example, kitchen cabinets in a warm shade of green will stand out nicely against white kitchen countertops. 

Open Floor Plan Kitchen Design

Kitchen Storage Designs for 2022

Kitchen storage trends for 2022 will include stylish yet functional storage options. Homeowners will gravitate toward types of kitchen cabinet that provide discreet storage space to reduce clutter and clear up counter space. Further, we will even see completely concealed kitchens, which lend living space an organized and streamlined look.

Another major kitchen furniture design trend for 2022 will be kitchen islands and pantries that resolve common space problems. Small kitchens will benefit from a multipurpose kitchen island or pantry. These provide additional storage as well as a prep surface or even a makeshift desk for those working from home. 

New Technologies and Products Driving Kitchen Storage Designs

There are many new technologies and products driving the storage design trends for this year. Smart home features like lighting and temperature controls and leak detection are being built into cabinets and pantry areas. 

Another exciting technology trend for kitchen design is the use of motors that quietly adjust the height of counters and cabinets, making both low and high storage spaces easily accessible. The touch-to-open cabinet door will also make big waves in 2022.    

Most Popular Kitchen Storage Designs for 2022

Smart storage ideas like built-in drawer spice racks and drawer organizers are invaluable for life kitchens on the smaller side and will be one of the most popular storage designs for 2022. In-drawer charging stations for electronic devices will be another trend. 

Pantry or larger storage designs that either match existing cabinetry or are used as accent pieces will drive kitchen designs as well. With the right kitchen design, any kitchen space can serve a dual purpose as a clutter-free social space or makeshift office while retaining beauty and elegance.

Factors Driving Storage Trends

As with the factors driving design trends in materials and color, the major driving force behind storage trends for 2022 will be the pandemic. A kitchen that is clutter-free and well organized creates an appealing and comfortable atmosphere by clearing up kitchen counter space. 

Additionally, bulk grocery shopping has increased, which is driving the storage trend of pantries and larders to create additional space for food storage. Dual-purpose “working pantries,” which include things like coffee centers or storage for small appliances, fulfill the needs of many homeowners as well. 

Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2022

Kitchen design and kitchen appliance trends have varied greatly over history. One of the biggest trends we may see in 2022 will be related to kitchen appliances. With large advances in technology, we will see some up-and-coming appliances that greatly improve the kitchen as a living space. 

The small kitchen appliance market in particular has seen a large increase in demand as homeowners have a heightened desire to utilize small kitchen spaces as effectively as possible. 

Factors Driving Appliance Trends in 2022

It has become more important than ever to utilize every inch of your kitchen space. Homeowners with a small kitchen who want to maximize the use of their kitchen space are driving the trend toward compact appliances. Mini or compact refrigerators, dishwasher drawers and compact ranges are all types of small kitchen appliance.  

Factors driving appliance trends for larger kitchens relate to the character and feel of the kitchen. Streamlined appliances that give the impression of a clean, peaceful setting are one trend. Homeowners are also drawn to appliances that support sustainable living. Appliance trends in 2022 will include cooktops with energy-efficient induction technology and fridges that prevent food waste by keeping food fresh longer.  

Top Appliance Trends for 2022

One major kitchen appliance trend we will see in 2022 is related to technology. Wi-Fi connected appliances allow you to control the temperature of your fridge, oven and stove top, as well as the timer on your microwave, from your smartphone. 

Additionally, convection steam ovens provide a healthy method of cooking using a versatile form of heat, and we can expect this to be a top trend as well. Appliance trends will be influenced by the desire to support a healthy lifestyle while providing ease and comfort in the kitchen setting.

Classic Appliance Trends for 2022

For those small kitchens in need of an upgrade, one exciting trend involves bringing back classic kitchen appliances. These provide a warm retro look and are especially functional in small kitchens because they are generally smaller appliances. 

The trend puts a fresh update on appliances that invoke warm nostalgia by pairing them with modern-day technology. An example is a 1950s-style fridge in a pale shade of green that is energy efficient and comes with automatic moisture control and a temperature management system. 

What’s Best for You?

All the kitchen design trends for 2022 will come together to support a kitchen design that promotes an inviting sense of peace and nature. At the same time, this kitchen design will work to make your life easier by making your kitchen more efficient. 

There’s no denying the stress pandemic life has created. However, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Why not have the kitchen in which you make the lemonade be a peaceful, gorgeous one? Create your own kitchen magic: Request a Design Consultation today and get started on your next fabulous kitchen design.

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