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The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home. It’s a functional focal point in an area where you cook, prep food and clean up. It’s in that zone where you help with homework and congregate during parties. It’s also a representation of who you are!

Your personal style and aesthetic come through in how you design your kitchen—including your choice of kitchen sink. The kitchen is the heart of the home—and the sink is the center of the kitchen!

Here are the latest kitchen sink trends to get your creative juices flowing for a remodel…

 Latest Kitchen Sink Trends

With the latest kitchen sink trends, what’s old is new again. For 2023, some trending sinks are classic but newly appreciated for minimizing your environmental footprint. Stainless steel sinks are versatile, durable, and easy to clean. And the classic porcelain sink will stick around forever! But more eco-friendly options—like fireclay and copper sinks—are emerging. They are are sturdy, damage resistant, and can help your sink earn a worthy spot as the center of your kitchen.

When updating any interior design, it helps to check out what other people are doing. Here are some popular styles of kitchen sinks that might fit perfectly in your home:

· Farmhouse sink – On the rise again. Also known as an apron sink, this sink has a large, deep basin. It has an exposed side and needs a certain aesthetic to fit in.

· Undermount sink – With a seamless finish, these sinks are all about the low profile. They’re mounted underneath the countertop, so they’re better suited for solid surfaces and countertops (compared to tile or laminate).

· Food preparation sink – Imagine a kitchen where the food prepper or someone just wanting to rinse their hands doesn’t have to wait in line behind the person rinsing dishes at the main sink. A food prep sink is a smaller, second sink that changes everything – freeing up traffic jams and allowing a prepper access to water at a different location. Although small, they are great for kitchen that make a lot of homemade meals. Think of them as the perfect complement to your main kitchen sink.

· Workstation sink – Trail-blazed by the Galley Workstation, this somewhat new of category of sinks is all about the accoutrements and the idea that your sink is more than just a sink. By choosing different cutting boards, display surfaces, grates, and surfaces with cutouts for strainers, serving bowls, utinsel holders and more, your sink really does become a workstation or a serving station. We sell quite a few Galley Workstations and believe the original remains the tops in the category they invented, but acknowledge that there are certainly other manufacturers with copycat setups on the market.

This kitchen features a workstation sink with two faucets and a multi-purpose prep sink.

What kitchen sinks are outdated?

 There’s nothing wrong with a vintage sink style. However, there are some kitchen sinks that many designers would argue are just plain outdated.

One example is the double-bowl sink with a high divide. They’re not ideal for washing large pots, and because of the high divide, there’s more to clean.

Another outdated kitchen sink: colored enamel over porcelain. If you’re going porcelain, show off the natural beauty!

Trends often come back around eventually, well… sometimes, anyway… so be ready to gamble and dig in for the long haul if you’re simply in love with your double sink with a high divide or a porcelain sink with colored enamel. 

Kitchen Sink Styles

Think of your sink as being part of a style pairing. A copper sink surrounded by quartz compound countertops. An apron sink beautifully paired with granite countertops. A stainless steel sink matched with just about anything. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your kitchen design. It all starts with choosing your favorite kitchen sink shape and size.

Kitchen Sink Shapes and Sizes

Kitchen sinks don’t have to be square or rectangular. Different shapes and sizes might be ideal depending on how your kitchen organically flows. Here are some options to consider:

· Single bowl sinks – Great for washing large pots and pans—and for thawing the Thanksgiving turkey. Single bowl sinks are ideal in smaller kitchens.

· Double bowl sinks – Want to soak some dishes while washing others and using your garbage disposal without restriction? Check out trending double bowl sinks. As noted earlier, be aware that high dividers are falling out of favor due to their added difficulty.

· Workstation or food preparation sinks – Accessories like a cutting board ledge and built-in drying save a ton of counter space!

Want more options? Check out trending kitchen sink materials!


Trending Kitchen sinks 

Once you’ve chosen the style of sink, you can dive deep into the world of sink materials. Here are just a few of the many options:

  • Copper sinks are antimicrobial and gorgeous in the right kitchen spaces
  • Fireclay sinks are striking, durable and low maintenance.
  • Stainless steel sinks are durable, as well as easy to clean and disinfect. And, of course, they can be affordable.  However, we’ve seen more than a few luxury kitchens owned by people who work in the restaurant business – they were very specific about their choice of a commercial-grade stainless sink.

Color Palettes and Finishes for Your Kitchen Sink

When it comes to kitchen sink finishes, you can choose from all the colors of the rainbow—plus a few shades lighter or darker!

If you prefer metal but want to go beyond that classic stainless look, consider a striking finish like matte black or gunmetal. Many people prefer a brighter look, in which case a brass or copper sink could be just the thing. Remember: you’ll have to choose an overall color palette for your kitchen. Your sink, faucet, countertops, cabinets, flooring and lighting must all work together.


What to Look for in a New Kitchen Sink

So, what factors are most important in a new kitchen sink? Of course, it needs to be functional, practical and convenient. It should also be versatile and durable to serve all of your needs. However, don’t sacrifice your personal style! You can find the perfect sink that checks all of those boxes, in addition to being eco-friendly. Check out a variety of sink sizes, shapes and styles to determine the one that works best for you. 

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