Knock Out Your Kitchen Remodel with a Punch List

Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Design Punch List

Throughout a kitchen remodel, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with “one last thing” syndrome, or trying to keep a running tally of all the small side projects you have to finish before your kitchen remodel can be considered complete. To keep track of everything, your designer will keep an ongoing “punch list” throughout the installation.

A punch list is a list of minor tasks to be completed towards the end of the project, and it can include any outstanding issues-workmanship, cabinets, hardware, appliances, plumbing, tile, lighting, and more. In short, it includes anything that needs to be addressed to ensure we finish on time and that all work has met our standards and looks great. Working with a punch list is beneficial to avoid delays and helps everyone stay on the same page of what needs to be completed prior to finishing.

At Drury, there are three major milestones during the kitchen remodeling and installation at which time our designers do a walk-through to start compiling items to begin the final punch list:

Completion of Cabinet Install

This is when the punch list is created, and your designer’s main focus will be on the cabinets. Your designer will walk through the kitchen with you and check to see if everything is installed to spec, in working order, and if any additional cabinet items are needed. At that time, you’re typically 2-3 weeks from completion. This is the most important time to create a punch list because it gives you enough time to order any parts to meet the target completion date.

Completion of Countertop Install

At this point, your designer will meet with you to look at the installed countertop, plus check the plumbing and other appliances. If there are any issues with these items, your designer will add them to the punch list. The designer will also review the other punch list items and see if he or she can strike anything that has been completed.

Completion of Tile Install

The walk-through during the tile install will typically be considered the “final walk-through.” The tile backsplash and decorative light fixtures should be installed. Your designer will also run through the other punch list items and review that everything has been completed to satisfaction.

At Drury, creating a final punch list means that we provide our clients with an install schedule that includes a completion date. For homeowners, nothing is more frustrating than a project taking longer than expected- and we avoid this with an ongoing punch list during the project. When it comes to your kitchen remodeling, someone has to be your general contractor, and at Drury, our client-focused design process means that our designers take care of your kitchen renovation from start to finish and floor plan to punch list.

Free Kitchen Design Guide

Free kitchen design guide downloadTo learn more about a punch list and the other steps of a kitchen remodel, download our free kitchen design guide here.