Measuring the Value of Bathroom Remodeling

Bath Design

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The Value of A Bathroom Remodel

The most popular home remodeling project in 2012 according to a recent survey of the National Association of Home Builders is a bathroom remodel. Homeowners are rethinking their bathrooms – making better use of existing space and adapting their bathroom designs to fit their changing needs – whether it be a growing family or a recent empty nest.

Measuring the Value of Bathroom Remodeling drury design

When home sales are slow, many people reconsider selling their home and instead decide to invest in their existing home by remodeling key elements in their most used rooms.

Measuring the Value of Bathroom Remodeling drury design

A November 2012 article in Kitchen & Bath Design News summarizes a recent survey conducted by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) polling 280 kitchen and bath dealers and designers in the United States and Canada covering budget, trends, and design preferences. RICKI’s survey results can help you determine the bathroom remodel decisions that will create the most enjoyment while you live in the home and the most value when you decide to put your home on the market.

Function and Comfort

Form follows function in today’s bathroom remodeling projects like this recent transitional bathroom remodel in Naperville, IL that includes a steam shower, dual vanities, lots of storage and a heated floor

Function and comfort drive most bath remodeling design decisions these days – which makes sense – now that people plan to live in their homes longer, they want aging-in-place bathroom designs that meet their needs now and years from now.

Shower and Tub Eclosures – Top of List

According to the RICKI study, dealers and designers put shower systems and tub enclosures at the top the list of bathroom features that are a worthwhile investment, followed by plumbing fixtures and fittings, interior storage solutions, and bathroom vanities.

Consumers have their own list of desired features

Both functional and comfortable (from most to least desired):

-Furniture-style vanities

-His-and-hers vanities

-“Super” showers

-Customized storage

-Radiant heated floors

-Private toilet compartment

-Water-saving shower heads/toilets

-Universal design features

-Soaking/jetted tubs

Bathroom Design Trends

Casual or transitional bathroom design is in demand and is expected to continue into 2013. The mix of function, comfort, and class in a casual or transitional design is a perfect complement to the needs of today’s homeowners.

Measuring Value

Optimizing Space & Modern Features

Optimizing space and adding modern features is key to creating value with bathroom remodels like with this transitional bathroom remodel in Wheaton, IL.

RICKI’s survey results also confirm that bathroom remodeling is on the rise again – a sign that the economy is on the upturn and homeowners are more confident that home improvements will provide the value they expect.

So how do you measure the value of your bathroom remodel? The answer is to choose comfortable and functional designs over elaborate ones, focusing on practical, generous storage elements. Include a shower that is big enough to feel comfortable for anyone, and if you live in the northern part of the country, like here in Chicago, install radiant heat floors to keep your toes warm in the winter.

With these additions, your newly renovated bathroom will hold its value long after you and your family have enjoyed its function and comfort.

For more bathroom remodeling ideas and examples, we invite you to check out our portfolio.