Most Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Features

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A beautiful, functional kitchen and a serene, well-equipped bathroom can significantly increase how much you enjoy your home… as well as the value of your home.  So, what are the trending features that homeowners want right now?

Let’s dive deep into two recent studies, the latest Home Design Trends Survey by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Homelight’s Top Agent Insights for 2023 to find out.

Kitchen Trends

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Findings:

Butler’s pantries/working pantries/prep pantries:

A designated space, often located between the kitchen and dining area, used for storing dishes, silverware, and other dining essentials. Recently, these pantries have evolved to include a prep area, providing an extra space for food preparation, keeping the main kitchen clutter-free.

Outdoor kitchens:

An extension of indoor living, these kitchens are set up outdoors. They typically include a grill, cabinets, countertops, appliances like refrigerators and sinks, and seating.

Increase in natural lighting:

Modern kitchen designs prioritize ample natural light. This is achieved through larger windows, skylights, and strategically placed glass doors. It not only creates a healthier cooking space but also makes the kitchen feel more open and spacious.

Open to household living space:

Kitchens are no longer isolated rooms. Today, they seamlessly merge with living and dining spaces, facilitating better interaction among family members and guests. This design enhances the communal feel of a home.

Wine refrigerator/storage:

A dedicated storage solution for wine enthusiasts. These are specially designed refrigerators or storage units to keep wines at their optimal temperature, ensuring they’re always ready to be served at their best.

Adaptability/universal design:

Kitchens designed with adaptability focus on ensuring that the space is accessible and usable by everyone, regardless of age, ability, or circumstance. Features might include adjustable countertops, pull-down shelving, and wider doorways.

Double island work /eating areas:

Having two islands in a kitchen serves multiple purposes. One can be dedicated to food preparation, while the other can act as an eating or serving area. This design maximizes utility and provides ample space for multiple activities.

Deep pullout drawers:

These are deeper and more spacious than traditional drawers, offering better storage solutions. They’re perfect for storing pots, pans, and even appliances, ensuring that everything is within easy reach without cluttering the countertops.

Coffee bars:

A dedicated nook or section in the kitchen optimized for brewing that perfect cup of coffee. Often equipped with a high-quality coffee machine, mugs, coffee beans, and other essentials, it turns the daily coffee ritual into a special experience.

Coffee bar and beverage station

Homelight’s Top Agent Insights:

Quartz Countertops: The elegance and durability of quartz have made it a favorite. Unlike granite, it doesn’t need sealing and is largely resistant to stains and scratches.

Sustainable Materials: With growing environmental awareness, there’s a surge in the use of sustainable materials, like bamboo flooring and recycled glass countertops.

Walk-in Pantries: Storage is key in modern kitchen designs. Walk-in pantries offer the much-needed space, making the kitchen look uncluttered.

Bathroom Trends

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Findings:

Larger Walk-in Showers:
Expansive shower spaces, often featuring rainfall showerheads, multiple jets, or bench seating. These spacious showers provide a luxurious and invigorating experience, eliminating the feeling of confinement.

Stall Shower Without Tub:
A modern design feature where the bathtub is omitted in favor of a standalone shower stall. This design caters to those who prefer quick showers over baths and can also maximize space in smaller bathrooms.

Adaptability/Universal Design:
Bathrooms designed with everyone in mind, irrespective of age or mobility. This might include features like grab bars, curbless showers, and wider doorways to ensure the space is safe and accessible for all.

High-end Spa-like Design:
Transforming the bathroom into a personal oasis, reminiscent of high-end spas. This design often includes features like whirlpool tubs, aromatherapy, ambient lighting, and luxury materials, ensuring relaxation and rejuvenation.

More Natural Light:
Incorporating larger windows, skylights, or frosted glass to invite more daylight into the bathroom. Natural light not only enhances the aesthetics but also promotes well-being and creates a warm, inviting space.

Radiant Heated Floors:
An underfloor heating system that provides warmth from beneath, ensuring the tiles aren’t cold underfoot. Especially coveted in colder regions, radiant heated floors add a touch of luxury and comfort to any bathroom.

Freestanding Bathtubs:
Bathtubs that stand alone, not attached to walls or built into alcoves. These tubs act as a statement piece in the bathroom, with designs ranging from vintage clawfoot styles to sleek, modern shapes.

Private Toilet Compartment:
A design feature where the toilet is placed in its own separate enclosure within the bathroom. This offers added privacy, especially useful in shared bathrooms or en-suites.

Linen Closet/Storage:
Dedicated storage spaces or closets for towels, toiletries, and bathroom essentials. With the growing number of products and accessories people have, an organized storage solution is essential to keep the bathroom clutter-free and functional.

Homelight’s Top Agent Insights:

Frameless Glass Showers:
Modern bathrooms are all about creating a sense of space. Frameless glass showers achieve this while also showcasing the beautiful tiles inside.

Smart Toilets:
With features like self-cleaning, seat warmers, and touchless flushing, smart toilets have become the epitome of bathroom luxury.

Freestanding Tubs:
It’s worth repeating that this classic feature has made a comeback. Freestanding tubs are not only luxurious but also serve as the focal point in modern bathrooms.

What’s in a Trend?

Homeowners today are seeking a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and technology in their updated kitchens and bathrooms. By keeping an eye on these trends, home renovators, builders, and sellers can ensure that their properties remain enjoyable, relevant, appealing, and marketable.