Most Wanted In New Homes : A Supersized Pantry

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Supersized Kitchen Pantry

Crain’s Chicago Business recently interviewed Gail Drury, CMKBD, about something that’s at the top of many of our clients’ kitchen remodel wish lists – a supersized pantry.

A super pantry can be a multi-purpose space for extra storage, a baking center, a home office, a kosher kitchen, or a wine bar. Ever feel like you families bills and homework get lost in the kitchens clutter? A designated room separate from the homes main gathering area keeps clutter to a minimum.

Here’s a clip from the article.

Home Buyers’ Number 1 Request: Supersized Pantry

Suburban houses have more wiggle room to carve out a super pantry. Creating one in a city home or apartment often means giving up a bedroom or a study. And that’s what experienced buyers are doing, says Gail Drury, president and creative director of Drury Design in Glen Ellyn. An Astor Street client swapped a den for a super pantry that houses a wine bar and cooler, space for a printer and paper, file drawers, a second refrigerator and open shelves for easy access to oversized and rarely used items.

Many clients want that second space for a specific task, Drury says. For a family that keeps separate kosher kitchens for dairy and meat, she designed a workspace beside the kitchen. For a baker, she designed a super pantry with a marble-top workspace and storage for mixers, bowls, and cutters.

How would you use your super pantry?