Neutral Contemporary Kitchen Now on Display

Kitchen Design

Recently revealed, our studio’s newest display features a rich mix of neutral textures. Every new display is a team design effort, reflecting a range of views in one space. In this interview designer Gail Drury, CMKBD, tells us about this affordably elegant design’s details.

How would you describe this kitchen’s style?

The key feature is the compliment of rich neutral textures: gloss patterned glass door cabinets compliment matte painted finish cabinetry. Textured ThinkGlass and thick matte pebbled quartz offsets thin quartz counters.Gleaming glass elements show up in the hood and in crystal pendants. Stainless steel shines in the bridge cabinet, ovens, sink, faucets and hardware.

The warmth of the stained and glazed wood floor complimented by the textured matte porcelain backsplash gives another rich contrast. Dramatic lighting accentuates the textured backsplash and glass countertop.

What inspired the design?

The desire to create a kitchen with affordable elegance. 

Who would be the ideal client? 

Anyone with a contemporary esthetic, or that would like an uncluttered, easily cleaned environment.

Where would this style look at home?

This design could fit seamlessly into a home with Modern, Mid-Century Modern, California Modern, or Contemporary architecture. This design could also be a transitional compliment to a home with period style architecture.

Tell us about the design details – any unusual elements?

Yes, four elements define this contemporary kitchen design.

1. The interplay of the open shelves protrudes through the plane of the surrounding cabinets.

2. The floating bridge cabinet is suspended between the perimeter cabinets and the island.

3. The sink pops up through the countertop.

4. The range hood floats on the open wall space.

Together these elements toy with positive and negative space and are what make this display unique.

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