Award Winning NKBA KBIS Kitchen Design Video

Kitchen Design

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Award Winning Kitchen Design

Today we’re sharing one of our latest award-winning kitchen videos with you. We will walk you through the intriguing before and after story. As an award-winning kitchen design, this project won Best of Show and First Place Large Kitchen Design at NKBA’s KBIS industry trade show.

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Here’s what our designer has to say about the project:

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful clients in Lincoln Park doing a very, very unique once in a lifetime project. The kitchen is in a very old, about 110 years old and it lives in a very beautiful greystone house. The kitchen had been redone, badly, about 20 years ago with white cabinets and quite a large copper hood in the middle of the room, which cut off the views to the back area of the home.

The homeowners entertain quite a bit in their home and most of the time they were struggling with having people in the kitchen. The kitchen really needed to be opened up and allow for mingling and for buffet areas at family get-togethers.

The space was transformed from its original everyday setting, traditional with a standard work triangle, into what is now truly a work of art for these world-traveling homeowners. They really wanted to have quite a lot of themselves in their project in the final result.

We accomplished the design goals by opening up the walls and bringing in interesting, unique textures and design shapes from all over the world, all influenced by their travels and experiences.

“The most important thing for people who are thinking about a kitchen redesign is to find a designer you can identify with.” 

Find someone that you are able to create a relationship with and then trust them. Let them do what they do best. You’ve hired them for a reason so take that to the next step and allow them to create your vision in a more unique way than you would ever have imagined.

I think the judges selected this particular kitchen as “Best of Show” because it was so unique. There were so many textures and influences and artistic and architectural influences.

We took bits of the Moorish contemporary kind of ideas and brought in some modern touches. We used local artists from the Chicagoland area, including art glass and metallurgy designers, who did an extraordinary job in understanding what I was after for my clients and putting it all together. I think the judges saw that.

They were able to pick up on all of these unique colors and still have a very neutral palette that really shows something you’re not going to see every day. It’s not a standard white kitchen. There’s a lot of interest from a photography standpoint as well.

Working for Drury Design has allowed me to create this kitchen in several unique ways. I have an incredible team to work with and to rely on for help, advice, and for bouncing off ideas. Our office is one where we can all rely on each other – and we do on a daily basis – and this project was no exception.

Each designer is going to come upon a project in his or her career that is going to stand apart from all the others. Because I work for Drury Design, I was able to find those vendors and find a way for them to fit into our business model in an effective manner.

After winning these awards, I’d love to tell my clients how grateful I am that I’ve had the opportunity to do the work with them that they allowed me such an incredible experience to spread my wings. I’m very grateful to them and hopefully, someday we’ll get to work together again. They’re a really special and remarkable family.

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