Outdoor Kitchens in Chicago???

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Outdoor kitchens are not spaces that we ordinarily design and provide for our clients. But after meeting with Mitch Slater, owner of Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry located in Wallingford Connecticut, and an expert in outdoor kitchens, at a recent kitchen business conference we attended in Dallas, we were left wondering, not why, but rather…why not.

Photo Credit: Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry


Let’s face it, as Midwesterners, we think of our time outside as being more precious than our neighbors to the south in warmer climes because of our shorter warm weather season. But does that mean that we should not consider an outdoor kitchen for our homes? Should we limit our thinking about our backyard outdoor kitchen as only a charcoal grill and a patio table…maybe not?


Here are the basics we learned about outdoor kitchen and living spaces from Mitch:

1. Outdoor kitchens increase the usable living space of your home, and in fact complete outdoor “rooms” can be created.

2. An outdoor kitchen can provide the same convenience as your indoor kitchen – like, sinks, refrigeration, and storage.

3. Available outdoor fireplaces and heaters can extend the use of outdoor living areas almost year round.

4. Outdoor kitchens provide a fun environment for family gatherings and events.

5. With the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens and the continued innovation of outdoor kitchen products like custom stainless steel cabinetry, grills, refrigeration, and sinks there is more flexibility and customization available then ever before.

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Danver has a growing line product offerings for outdoor kitchen materials as this trend evolves, and according to Mitch, Danver is designing and supplying more and more outdoor kitchens in four season environments like Chicago as the popularity of outdoor kitchens grow.

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For more information and images visit Danver’s web site and visit Mitch’s blog at http://www.danver.com. Photo Credits: Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry

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