Range Hood Ventilation Cleans Air and Anchors Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

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What’s the importance of a range hood?

Who wants to breathe populated air? No one, but without proper kitchen ventilation, indoor air quality suffers.

Over time, smokey air can cover and potentially ruin your cabinetry. Grease can float in the air for days, which is why you may smell bacon long after breakfast is over. Proper range hood ventilation helps to protect your investment and your health. It’s important to understand that more than just design and style should be taken into consideration when designing your range hood.

For energy purposes, homes are designed to keep outside air out, and trap inside air in – which is why you need a proper hood ventilation system to monitor air flow while cooking and exhaust possible indoor air contaminants.

Without proper ventilation, your range, cooktop, or rangetop can emit smoke and unpleasant odors into your home, in some cases, this can be damaging not only to the contents of your home but also your health. That’s why it’s important to match the proper ventilation to your specific cooking equipment – as this can vary from one size to another.

For example, do not install a cooktop hood over a range. Ranges should be paired with a professional hood or a custom insert that has a stronger blower. Beyond the hood and blower system, ductwork is also a key component. Proper duct size, limiting 90-degree bends, and shortening the duct run is key when considering ventilation.

Blower noise is determined by the type and strength of the blower and the ductwork. Consumers might be quick to say, “My hood is so loud,” but the hood actually makes no noise; it is the blower combined with the ductwork that ultimately determines noise.

Sub-Zero and Wolf offer a variety of ventilation options – including island hoods, professional hoods, cooktop hoods, and downdrafts.

Special thanks to Zachary Gasiorowski, Marketing Showroom Manager at Sub-Zero and Wolf Greater Showroom Chicago for contributing to this post.

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