Simplicity and Elegance Through Zen Design

Bath Design, Kitchen Design

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Simplicity and Elegance Through Zen Design

Seeking greater tranquility and peace? Bring principles from Zen Buddhism—natural design, stillness, subtlety, and asymmetry—into your home with a zen kitchen.

Zen Kitchen Design

While Zen design is most often equated with the bath, the guiding elements of a zen space can be applied anywhere. Zen design is all about balance and harmony, and bringing together soft, earthy colors and natural materials. We find that a zen kitchen can be ideal for bringing people together to relax and interact.

What is zen design?

You may not instantly recognize a space as a “Zen design.” The intent is not to incorporate a Japanese aesthetic, but to create a place to truly relax and unwind.

Zen Master Bath Design

In a master bath, a Zen design means luxurious showers with multiple spray heads, muted colors, simple cabinetry, natural travertine or marble, and tiles with soft, flowing designs. And never forget to add a pop of green. Life is central to zen thinking.

Zen Design Ideas

– Smart storage and clean lines impart a sense of calm.

– A bit of asymmetry adds visual interest and keeps the kitchen from feeling too “perfect.”

– Natural wood and stone connects with the world outside.

Creating Your Own Zen Retreat

Talk to Drury Design about incorporating Zen design into your home. We’ll help create a Zen bathroom or kitchen retreat that reflects your needs, lifestyle, and personality.

Stop by the studio to check out relaxing kitchen and bath designs, or if you want to talk zen design today, call 888.444.1055 to set up a complimentary in-home design consultation.