Six Kitchen Design Guidelines

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Six Kitchen Design Guidelines

A kitchen remodel is an exciting yet comprehensive undertaking. Whether your goal is to make your kitchen more conducive to your growing family or to upgrade so you can cook and entertain like a gourmet chef. A kitchen renovation can completely transform the room visually, functionally, and in size.

Six Kitchen Design Guidelines - drury design

Kitchen design and remodeling costs can vary wildly. This is especially true with all of the innovative and ever-changing products available including pro-style appliances, countertop materials, and custom cabinetry options.

The price you pay is dependent on the size of the kitchen, final design, material selections, and construction details. With all these variables and a minimum of definitive information available, it can be a challenge to define a budget, let alone maintain it throughout the course of the project.

Even with all the research and planning that goes into a kitchen redesign, unexpected obstacles still have the potential of inflicting chaos on your project. Luckily, most of these complications can be avoided with a focused approach. Here are some kitchen design guidelines on how to begin.

Six Kitchen Design Guidelines

1. Design Guideline: Take time for research

Look at magazines that feature kitchens and tear out the photographs of those that appeal to you, then add sticky notes that describe the features that particularly resonate with what you picture in your space.

Visit kitchen-related websites like Pinterest and Houzz and create boards of your favorites. In some cases, it might not be the entire kitchen that attracts you but one element within the space, so add notes indicating what you like.

Visit a kitchen design showroom with vignettes you can see in person. Notice the cabinet finishes and accessories, various countertop materials, appliances, floor and backsplash applications. Ask questions. Taking time to get an idea of what you are attracted to will help you sort through the maze of offerings in the marketplace.

2. Design Guideline: Hire a professional kitchen designer

This is probably the most important guideline you can follow to ensure a successful remodel. A Certified Kitchen Designer is educated in the technical aspects of planning this critical space and will ensure that your cabinetry fits and operates properly within a layout that suits your lifestyle needs.

A Certified Kitchen Designer works with industry-specific guidelines on a daily basis and is well versed in materials, brands, performance, and value so you have the information you need to better understand your options.

A reputable kitchen designer will listen to your goals and provide guidance that will enable you to establish a realistic budget and make decisions that best work for you and your family.

3. Design Guideline: Keep an open mind

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the decisions that must be made and sticking with the status quo may seem like the easiest way to avoid mistakes. It may also seem simpler to replicate what friends or neighbors recommend. Keep in mind that everyone’s requirements are different and require different solutions.

Your professional kitchen designer will get to know you and understand your goals during the planning process and will provide recommendations that you may not have previously considered or known about.

Keeping an open mind to new ideas could make a big difference in the appearance and/or functionality of your kitchen. Realizing this new potential can be eye-opening and exhilarating.

4. Design Guideline: Use design elements you love

As you research and plan your kitchen remodel, you will come across design features that are commonly seen in the latest kitchens. It could be a cabinet color, a countertop material, or a new backsplash product. It’s natural to get caught up in trends as they are fresh and different from what you may currently have in your space.

Although it’s not a bad thing to incorporate a style trend in your remodel, be sure you really love the detail because sometimes it cannot be easily changed should you tire of it.

transitional kitchen design by drury design

Your kitchen designer will guide you on the pros and cons of the design features you love and how they support your goals for your space. Choosing design elements you are unconditionally attracted to will result in you falling in love with your kitchen every time you walk into it.

5. Design Guideline: Don’t feel you need to know all the answers

It’s a rare occasion that a client knows exactly what he or she wants, particularly in the beginning. Some people have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to make them work cohesively. Others have no clue where to even start.

Think of the design process as a journey of gathering knowledge. The more information you collect, the clearer your path will be. You will find that some elements work better for you than others.

You may also find those beautiful kitchens you see on TV and in magazines may not be practical or within your budget. Your kitchen designer will help you sort through the huge array of materials and design options and present those that specifically target your monetary goals and design aesthetic. This guideline is a sure way to achieve a remodel that is unique and specific to your lifestyle.

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6. Design Guideline: Work with a company with a solid reputation

When you’re investing in a kitchen renovation, it is wise to talk with several companies that specialize in that specific work. Remodel companies can work very differently: some will oversee the construction part of the process and ask you to shop for and provide all your materials.

This is time-consuming, expensive, and can elongate the construction period. Other remodel firms offer one-stop shopping, from design through installation, that provides a cohesive approach to your project and a team of people dedicated to helping you achieve your vision.

Transitional kitchen design by Drury design with neutral colors

As you interview firms, it will be important to ask questions that will enable you to sort out those differences and decide which best fits your needs. Look for a firm that has been in business for a long time that is willing to let you speak to past clients about their experience.

Look for a company with a solid process and definitive time frames. If you feel confident from the beginning that a firm is dedicated to providing a positive experience for you, that is the right company for you.

Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio has been in business for over 30 years and offers a complete remodel experience from design to final installation. Its Client-Focused Design™ process is a collaborative effort combining your vision with the designer’s expertise and the installer’s quality workmanship. Begin your remodel project by contacting us today for a complimentary design consultation!

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