Sub Zero and Wolf Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation

Kitchen Design

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Congrats to Sub-Zero Group, Inc., the leading manufacturer of luxury appliances, on celebrating its 70th anniversary this year!

In this post, Gail Drury, CMKBD and Jim Drury of Drury Design talk about our company’s 37-year relationship with Sub-Zero and Wolf.

Zachary Gasiorowski, Marketing Showroom Manager at the Sub-Zero and Wolf Greater Chicago Showroom in Glendale Heights, talks about innovation and the relationship between kitchen design, home owner, and luxury appliances.

Frank Lloyd Wright Chose Sub-Zero

Based in Madison, Wisconsin where it was originally founded, Sub-Zero and Wolf has specialized in the beauty and performance of refrigeration for seven decades. Dedication to creating innovative, technologically advanced products with ultimate design flexibility is why both Sub-Zero and Wolf are among the most desired luxury appliances in high-end kitchens.

View the Sub-Zero and Wolf history timeline with highlights like this one from the 30s: Frank Lloyd Wright hires Westye Baake to help design customer refrigeration for the architect’s homes.

Sub-Zero and Wolf and Drury Design: Kitchen Design Partners for 37 Years

Gail began working with Sub-Zero when she opened her business in 1978. She says, “Sub-Zero has always manufactured the best refrigerators available on the market. In the 70s and 80s, only extremely high-end kitchen design clients wanted Sub-Zero refrigerators in their homes. Over the years, owning Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances have become a status symbol. Clients will forgo other items in their kitchen to make room for an innovative technology they love to use every day.”

Kitchen Appliance Innovations

Gail says innovation has always been a Sub-Zero hallmark, “No other manufacturer in the market has as many different refrigeration options. They have always been a step above – and ahead of – everyone else. Their dual compressors keep food fresh for so much longer than any other refrigeration system.”

Wolf, a legend in commercial kitchens, was acquired by Sub-Zero in 2000. Gail says, “I still remember the first Wolf range we put in. We had to the reinforce the floor to hold the weight and the range had to be surrounded with fire proof material. They have now come a long way as a member of the Sub-Zero family. Our clients choose Wolf ranges for their superior technology, design, and functionality.”

Kitchen Design Showroom Partners


Jim Drury, co-owner and studio manager at Drury Design, says, “Congrats to the Sub-Zero Group on all their accomplishments over the years. We highly value our relationship with the company’s Glendale Heights showroom. Our designers take clients from our showroom to theirs to discover the latest in kitchen appliance technology. Together, we host cooking demonstrations. And, they’ve partnered with our studio on many, many charitable events through the years.”

Zachary Gasiorowski, the Marketing Showroom Manager at Sub-Zero and Wolf’s Greater Chicago Showroom fills us in on relationships, products, and promotions.

Zach says, “We’ve been close partners with Drury for many years. Not only have they participated in our nationwide Kitchen Design Contest, they’ve won! [Drury Design took top honors in a previous Sub-Zero Wolf Design Contest]. We host private cooking events for Drury Design clients in our showroom and in Drury Design’s showroom each year. Our Corporate Chef prepares the food. They bring the people to the party and only create top-tier kitchen designs.”

How to Select Luxury Kitchen Appliances

According to Zach, the kitchen designer is a very key component to the Sub-Zero and Wolf customer. He says, “Our customers hire professional designers to get exactly what they want to fill the space to their needs. Kitchen designers are instrumental in the appliance selection process to the customer.”

What is the Purpose of a Refrigerator?

When customers come into the showroom with their designers, Zach says “we often start by asking what’s the purpose of a refrigerator?” The majority simply say it’s to “keep food cold.” But, you don’t just want to keep food cold. You want to preserve it. That’s why you want a refrigerator in your house: to keep your food fresh and preserved – not just keep it cold. “This is the light bulb moment,” Zach says. Features like style, shape, stainless steel, or cubic feet should be secondary considerations.

Three questions to ask as you’re looking at refrigerators:
  • How is this refrigerator going to keep my food fresh?
  • How is this refrigerator going to save money?
  • How will this refrigerator reduce waste?

Sub-Zero Refrigerators Have Endless Options

Sub-Zero refrigerators are designed to keep your food fresh with dual refrigeration technology to circulate cold dry air in the freezer and moist cool air in the refrigerator. Basically two units in one, the end result is a tremendous difference in food preservation and energy efficiency.

Each unit comes with a 12-year warranty and a 20-year life expectancy. Spread out over 20 years, the cost of a $10,000 Sub-Zero refrigerator is $500/year. The real payback? The amount of money saved through food preservation.

Every year, families throw away about $640 of their groceries. [Source:]

Food preservation is a key Sub-Zero difference.

Preservation technology also extends to Sub-Zero wine storage units, combating the four enemies of wine: light, humidity, vibration, and temperature. There’s a tremendous difference because these units are not just keeping something cold. Sub-Zero is all about protecting food’s goodness.

Wolf Gourmet Brand Launches

Recently introduced, the Wolf Gourmet brand includes high-quality cookware, cutlery and countertop appliances. When you purchase a combination of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances now through March 31, 2016, you’ll get up to $7,000 worth of new Wolf Gourmet products to equip your ultimate high-performance kitchen.