What is a dual fuel range?

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Dear Drury Design

What is a dual fuel range? What is the advantage?


Krista from Lincoln Park


This week’s answer is provided by Senior Designer Bailey LaSchiava. Bailey has ten years of experience designing kitchen and baths.


Hi Krista,

Dual fuel refers to a range that uses a combination of both gas and electric fuel sources: gas heat on the stovetop and electric heat in the oven. 


The advantage of this type of range would be to deliver consistent, even heat in the oven but still allow for the responsive experience of an open flame on the stovetop. 

People who do a lot of baking often gravitate toward electric ovens. Electric ovens are known for the kind of precision control that is essential for baking and roasting.

Also, electric ovens in dual fuel ranges usually have a broiler element at the top, which can be advantageous for tasks like browning or melting the toppings of dishes.

Many bakers swear by their steam ovens, of course, and it certainly isn’t hard to find versatile cooks who consider a speed oven a must-have for any kitchen. We love talking about the nuances of different kinds of ovens and ranges – feel free to call us if you have any burning questions about dual-fuel ranges, ovens, cooktops, etc!

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