Bright Modern Bathroom – Glen Ellyn, IL

The Setup

This client is in the beauty industry, so – in additional to great style – she has more beauty products than most people do. Before the renovation, there were products all over the counters and in temporary roll-in shelving units that got wheeled into the bathroom.

It was time for a change. 

Design objectives:

  • Add tons of storage
  • Feature blingy, reflective materials
  • Improve lighting
  • Omit unused built-in tub
  • Create a large luxurious shower
  • Include large mirrors to the ceiling

The Remodel

With the right storage solutions, a bathroom loaded with products and gadgets can look virtually empty. Elegance and order contribute to living life artfully.

Design challenges:

  • Standard vanities don’t offer much storage
  • The existing window was in an ideal spot for a shower
  • The client prefers large mirrors, so we needed an alternative to medicine cabinets

Design solutions:

  • Replace the existing window with a waterproof privacy window
  • Create dresser-style vanities with u-shaped drawers for maximum storage
  • Include a tall cabinet with roll-out shelves for maximum storage and organization

The Renewed Space

Beauty products and daily needs are organized and out of the way – out of sight but easy to access. With a creative, modern palette of colors, patterns and textures, the bathroom’s aura is inviting, relaxing and luxurious.

Our Process | Get to Know Us

  • Brand: Cambria
  • Type: Quartz
  • Color: Whitney
  • Brand: Drury Custom
  • Finish: Glacier
  • Door style: Shaker
Special Features:
  • Elegant oversized mirrors with metal trim
  • Sleek waterfall edge
  • Two tall niches in shower to hold lots of hair products
  • Large-format porcelain on floor with natural marble look
  • Wall mount vanity with LED lighting in toe space
  • Textural large-format tile in shower with pearlized, reflective quality
  • 13 x 6.6″

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