Open Concept Dining Room with Wet Bar – Kildeer, IL

The Setup

This project was a natural extension of a nearby kitchen remodel, emphasizing seamless integration and enhanced functionality. By removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room, we transformed a previously underutilized space into a central hub for both daily living and vibrant social gatherings. This transformation capitalized on the dining room’s potential, turning it from a cluttered storage area to a key entertaining space.

Design Objectives:

  • Foster an open-air design that harmonizes with the adjacent kitchen, enhancing the flow of both spaces.
  • Infuse the dining room with design elements that reflect the client’s dynamic personality and make it ideal for large gatherings.
  • Integrate a multifunctional wet bar to elevate the room’s utility and entertainment capacity.

Design Challenges:

  • Rerouting necessary HVAC ductwork due to the removal of the wall shared with the kitchen.
  • Relocating essential appliances such as a fridge/freezer and double oven without compromising the room’s aesthetic.
  • Incorporating bar-specific appliances in a way that avoids a commercial appearance.
  • Retaining the client’s large, marble dining table while maintaining a cohesive design that aligns with the new kitchen aesthetics.
  • Introducing plumbing into a space previously devoid of such infrastructure.

The Renewed Space

Design Solutions:

  • Added a secondary HVAC unit on the upper floor and adjusted the ductwork to accommodate the open layout.
  • Strategically relocated the fridge/freezer to a more functional location in the kitchen and substituted the double oven with an oven/steam oven combination, placed near the kitchen for accessibility yet distanced from heavy traffic areas.
  • Employed wood paneling extensively along the new bar/appliance wall, concealing most appliances while tastefully displaying essential ones. The wall now features a sophisticated ensemble of a wine dispenser, wine fridge, ice maker, refrigerator drawers, and the new oven duo.
  • Meticulously designed the bar/appliance wall to parallel the large marble dining table, ensuring it complemented the table’s grandeur while enhancing functionality. The wall is not only aesthetically aligned with the kitchen’s new look but also offers ample counter space to support dining and social activities at the table.
  • Installed new plumbing lines to support the wet bar and sink installation, ensuring all new fixtures were fully operational and aesthetically integrated into the design without disrupting the room’s overall style.

The new dining room/wet bar has quickly become the centerpiece of the home, captivating guests upon entry and drawing them into its stylish and inviting ambiance. Designed for versatility, it excels in hosting both intimate dinners and large-scale gatherings. The client is thrilled with this transformation, which not only meets but surpasses her expectations for a space that combines everyday functionality with exceptional hosting capabilities.

Click here to see the adjacent kitchen remodel.

15’ x 12′
Brand: Drury Select Custom Cabinetry

  • Black paint on hickory, shaker door style
  • Quartzite – Nero Belleza, lethered finish, 3cm


  • Galley Workstation sink, 18”
  • Waterstone Bar Faucet in matte black/classic bronze
  • Waterstone Water Purifier Faucet in matte black/classic bronze
  • Dacor 24” Wine Station
  • Scotsman ice maker
  • Subzero 24” refrigerator drawers
  • Subzero 24” undercounter wine refrigerator
Special Features:
  • Waterstone Wheel pulldown bar faucet in matte black and classic bronze, providing a striking contrast and operational ease.
  • Quartzite used for countertops, backsplash, and a custom shelf, routed to house sleek built-in lighting for ambiance and functionality.
  • Dacor wine dispenser, elegantly integrated into the bar setup.
  • 18-inch Galley Workstation sink, outfitted with bar-specific accessories like a fitted garnish tray, for streamlining beverage preparation.
  • Cohesive design elements such as dramatic black walnut and quartzite detailing that link the dining area visually and stylistically to the remodeled kitchen.

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