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The Setup

Outdoor kitchens have emerged as a captivating and practical addition to residential spaces, redefining the way we approach cooking, dining, and entertaining. To give you an idea of the possibilities involved, we created this outdoor kitchen in our showroom.

 The objectives were simple:

  • Show how outdoor spaces – even small ones – can be transformed into stylish, functional kitchens that are fully capable of withstanding the elements.
  • Showcase a grill and cabinetry from our outdoor kitchen partners, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet and Urban Bonfire. 
  • Simulate the outdoors at night 

Drury Design owner and creative director Gladys Schanstra was the lead designer on the project.

“Creating an outdoor nighttime feel meant tricking the eye a bit,” said Gladys. “Wooden slats in a tight pergola-like arrangement suggest the outdoors. It’s dark above it, suggesting night. That was important because we want you get a feel for the three general types of lighting in the design: decorative (or accent) lighting, ambient (or general) lighting and task lighting.”

The Urban Bonfire cabinets are powder-coated marine-grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware. They offer six standard colors but can match any color. Urban Bonfire’s marine grade aluminum is twice as thick as most stainless steel cabinetry on the market. Their powder-coated textured finishes add depth to the color while resisting fingerprints. 

“Covid taught us that our homes are just waiting to be upgraded to improve our lives and that includes outdoor spaces,” Gladys said. “You can visit with friends and family, you can socialize, you can relax by yourself if you want to. And you can connect with nature. That’s why we added plants to our outdoor kitchen.”

Plants play a big role in this kind of mindful outdoor living design. The Urban Bonfire plant boxes and our bespoke plant boxes made from the counter top material bring nature into the space. They break up the expanse of solid textured tile. Also, the handcrafted accent tiles are very special. We chose organic shapes – leaves and flowers – to enhance the organic feel of the space.

The accent tiles are nestled within lighted niches, which add to the high-contrast motif. Along with the light and dark cabinetry, the tiles have a variety of looks depending on the time and light of the day and night. The photo at the very top was combined with a rendering of a neighborhood night scene so that you can get a feel for how such a space looks when lit up in the evening. 

Size of Space:

10’ x 9’

  • Urban Bonfire
  • Finishes: Chantilly (white) and Anthracite (black)
  • Dekton
  • Colors: Neural (white) and Somnia (black)
Appliances & Plumbing:
  • Grill: Kalamazoo K42DB  Built-in Gas Grill
  • Undercab fridge: Kalamazoo K-HP24RO-1 Signature Outdoor Refriferator
  • Sink: Blanco Quatrus R0 Bar
  • Faucet: Franke Pull-Down 


“We wanted to show layers,” Gladys continued. “The detail in the natural stone flooring is gorgeous but it is also strategic. You can create grids with it and that helps you define different sections of an outdoor space.”

“There’s enough negative space in here where your eye can rest. It’s always something you keep in mind when you’re designing a space. We wanted to keep it as interesting as possible, so there’s also a play on the colors. You’ve got the light cabinetry with the dark countertop. Across from that is the dark cabinetry with the lighter countertop. You have the same thing happening with the tiles. One side is more of a charcoal and the other side is an-off white vanilla.”

“The countertop material is Dekton quartz. This is great for indoor or outdoor use. It is a sintered stone –  hard pressed with no resins. That makes it ideal for withstanding direct heat and sustained heat outdoors. It is extremely hard and durable. You’ll have no fear of putting it next to a cooking element.”

“That’s the idea – highly functional materials that are also beautiful. The Kalamazoo drop-in grill is a thing of beauty, and talk about high-performance – I visited the factory in Michigan recently and was awed by the company’s commitment to quality and detail. All of their products are show-stoppers. Brands like Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet and Urban Bonfire are the perfect pairing for a luxury outdoor kitchen.”

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