Tranquil Indoor Spa- Naperville, IL

This beautiful spa was built as part of a new home.  The goal was to design a very calming retreat where the family could pamper themselves and rejuvenate.

The area was designed off an adjacent exercise room.  The space included a jacuzzi lap pool, steam room, sauna and dressing area. A skylight “well of light” was designed to bring natural light into one end of the pool area. Cubbyholes and a bench with hooks were incorporated into one end of the room for towels, robes and miscellaneous items. A vanity area was placed immediately outside the room with a matching storage piece by the pool area.

The natural limestone flooring and Wenge color cabinets gave the room a fen shui feel. The end result of this remodel is a beautiful and highly functional space that is completely unique to the homeowner!

    • Brand: Grabill
    • Finish: Sedona
    • Material: Maple
    • Door style: Hallscreek
  • Type: Granite
  • Color: Persia Light
Special Features:
  • Tall locker cabinets for easy storage
  • Heated flooring
  • Custom skylight for natural light on one end of the lap pool

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