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The Latest trends at KBIS 2024!

Ready to dive into the latest trends fresh off the floor of the industry’s biggest show? Senior Designer Bailey LaSchiava went to KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, by the National Kitchen Bath Association) in Las Vegas and is back with all the details.

Get ready to be inspired by this sneak peek of what’s on the horizon… Let’s go!

1. Color

“Color was absolutely everywhere!”

Bailey says her lens captured a variety of hues that are set to make a statement in the design world. Many of the booths included a vintage revival of vibrant jewel tones and soothing earthy neutrals. Say goodbye to millennial grey and beige, and get ready to inject some personality into your spaces with these bold and beautiful shades. 

True appliances are renowned for their customization, coming in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and different hardwares to match your kitchen style seamlessly. Bailey noted pink was definitely a hot color, being the year of Barbie. 

 Boring old white tubs and toilets may be a thing of the past – Bailey saw many color options for sink basins, faucets, tub skirts, etc. She even saw colored toilet options, like the ones everyone took out of their homes several decades ago!

Here is a glimpse into GE’s Cafe collection displays… they were full of fun wallpapers, textures and quirky details that draw the eye everywhere. The maximalism style is truly making a resurgence! 

Yesteryear is alive again with this completely retro display  – pops of color, wood tones, wallpaper, and even classic checkered flooring! 

2. Countertop Trends 

Prepare to be wowed by the breathtaking patterns taking center stage in the world of countertops. The show featured everything from striking high-contrast marble veining to textured quartz surfaces.

Caesarstone displayed 14 of their new and innovative quartz and porcelain options that are now added to their expansive collection!

Cambria boasted new and modern slab options as well, with freestanding displays like this and an entire curated space of their jaw-dropping stone options. Here is a 3D tour of their entire booth! 

Book matching slabs for backsplashes, range hoods, and waterfall counter edges were everywhere. Click here to see a project that uses this gorgeous technique!  

3. Curves & Reeds 

Curves and reeds were everywhere at KBIS, adding a soft and organic touch to the sleek lines of modern design. From elegantly curved entryways to intricately woven reed patterns on cabinetry and furniture, these organic shapes brought a sense of fluidity and movement to the show floor. 

The curved mirrors match the curvature of the vanity edges, allowing for a sense of cohesiveness backed by ambient lighting makes for a tranquil bathroom space.

One of our vendors, Euro Marble, showcased a completely marble sink basin with a curved & reeded detail that is stunning! Bailey says this would be a fabulous option in a powder room. 

Not only is there a curved hearth above this range, the reeded wood above it adds that natural element to a transitional space. This definitely serves as an inspiration for the home chef, with integrated spice racks in your backsplash! They’re magnetic so utensils stick with ease. 

4. Inspiration for your next project! 

Oh, the drama of natural patterns!

Steam oven integrated at counter height

This was Bailey’s personal favorite display at KBIS, with marble integrated into every inch of the space. There was even an integrated cooler space in the island to keep drinks ice cold! 

We love the creativity in this minimal but striking space. Again, we see pink hues and gorgeous, large, book-matched slabs on the wall and integrated into the sink! 

The mix of a bold color, reeds on the vanity and the oversized curved mirror all hone in on the major trends at KBIS.

And there you have it – a glimpse into the captivating trends that stole the spotlight at KBIS in Las Vegas. With colors that dazzle, shapes that intrigue, and materials that inspire, the future of design is looking brighter than ever. So, if any of these trends stole your heart – reach out to one of our Senior Designers today!

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