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Bathroom Design Trends

If you’re considering a remodel or are simply searching for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. It should come as no surprise that we believe a bathroom can be a show-stopper kind of space. Here’s a list of some of the top bathroom design trends with resonance in 2023.

While a sleek, all-white bathroom design has held its place in the spotlight for years, we’re seeing a shift toward the natural. An emerging focus on all things organic has created space for a fresh aesthetic in major design components, textures and accessories. 

“Natural” doesn’t necessarily mean “boring,” though! One trend sure to steal the show this year is the addition of wallpaper. Wallpaper can be an excellent way to breathe new life into your space. Venture into a bold new style, opt for a natural feel or stick with a modern bathroom. One thing we know for sure is that the new year brings exciting opportunities when considering a bathroom remodel. 

Bathroom Color Trends

Though there will always be a place for white and gray, it seems that a lot of people are looking for a bit of color, too. Trust us, there are many ways to incorporate timeless bathroom trends! This year homeowners are opting for a richer color palette with warm hues, signaling a change in trend from recent years. 

A guest bathroom can be an especially great place to experiment with the addition of a new color, and a few predicted trends include complex blues, bright and earthy contrasting colors and tranquil greens.  A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest bathroom design ideas to invigorate and elevate your current space. 

Bathroom Wallpaper Trends

One of the biggest current trends is the addition of wallpaper in the bathroom. A quick note before you head out to grab the adhesive and a brand-new roll: do your research on proper installation to prevent peeling or future mold!

A statement wallpaper can be one of the most inspiring ways to inform the rest of your design choices and will certainly set your bathroom apart from the rest. Vintage, geometric and quirky are a few of the top patterns we’re likely to see, along with the simpler, streamlined offerings for a modern bathroom. Whatever your style, 2023 is a great year to showcase your personality in your design choices, and the rise of wallpaper is a true example of this. 

Bathroom Tile Trends

One of the biggest considerations in your bathroom is which materials you’ll use. Tile has long reigned supreme as an optimal choice for flooring and walls: it’s easy to clean and water resistant. This year, subway tile is poised to remain a popular choice due to its timeless appeal. Another bathroom design trend for 2023 regarding tile is the use of a wood-look tile to add a natural and cozy feel. 

Bold is Beautiful

We believe a home should truly reflect those who live in it, and this year looks to be a great opportunity to demonstrate your personality. The days of a strictly stark-white bathroom are in the rearview mirror. Don’t be afraid to consider a unique tile design, a bathroom vanity with character, or a rich paint color! Homeowners are becoming bolder in their overall style choices  in 2023, and this pattern is just as evident in the bathroom. 

Shifts in Bathroom Design Trends 

Why are some bathroom design trends from 2021 not remaining popular? Well, the very nature of trends is their promise to come and go, and styles naturally evolve to suit the needs of the times. 

One contributing factor to the future of bathroom design is the lifestyle change we’ve all experienced over the past few years. Certain things, like selecting the best materials, will always be relevant, but one area receiving a heightened level of attention is the overall welcoming appeal.

Creating a sense of luxurious comfort, dubbed “cocooning,” has become more important than ever as we’ve all been spending more time at our homes in recent years. As a result, homeowners are willing to step away from the all-white, generic look in favor of something more inviting. 

A renovation is one way to achieve a more luxurious bathroom. If that’s not in your plan this year, there are simple ways to give yourself the update you’ve been wanting. Try swapping out your décor, adding a different paint color or even switching to a new shower curtain!

Shifts in Bathroom Lighting Trends 

Upping the level of environmental friendliness is a key focus heading into the future, and opting for sustainable LED lighting is something the NKBA reports as a clear trend. A few specific trends we’re moving away from are the vintage Edison bulb in favor of white glass. Also, as technology continues to make its way into the bathroom, we’re seeing many more self-lit mirrors. 

Hesitation about the Wet Room

One “trend,” if you will, that’s being left in the past is hesitation about the wet room layout. The wet room has long been popular in European and Asian households, and it’s starting to make a name for itself in the US. With this design, everything is waterproof, and the shower isn’t completely secluded from the rest of the room. This makes it an excellent option for both small and larger bathrooms. 

This layout may not appear luxurious at first glance. However, a wet room can actually create a more spa-like atmosphere due to the overall streamlined look and absence of a shower base one has to step into. With the proper configuration and high-quality touches, this design can absolutely take your bathroom to the next level in 2022.

Helpful Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Now that you’re versed in some of the hottest trends for 2022, let’s get into how you can tackle them. No matter the size of the space you’re working with, from a small guest bathroom to a large master bathroom, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the stylish elements of 2022 into your bathroom remodel.

Factors to Consider in Small Bathroom Design

It’s important to consider both form and function when designing any part of your home, but it’s especially relevant in a small bathroom. However, working with a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to have smaller ideas! Even in a tiny bathroom, there’s room to let your creativity flow. 

Perhaps the most critical element to consider after the basics have been covered is storage space. And luckily there are ways to make storage both visually impactful and practical! 

Streamlined shelving provides room to both store items and show off your personality with a few accent pieces. Don’t forget to factor in the bathroom vanity. It’s a tremendous contributor to overall design and storage space! 

Though some might see a small bathroom as a limitation, it provides an excellent opportunity to try out some of the bolder trends 2022 is ushering in.

The Best Bathroom Flooring Options 

With so many flooring options out there, it can be hard to know where to start! Ceramic tile? Vinyl, cork or natural materials? Here are a few of the trends we’re seeing… 

First up is a continuation of the natural trend we mentioned earlier with the use of a wood-look tile or vinyl. Taking this a step further with the use of a real hardwood is possible, but it’s essential to work with a professional to ensure the wood is waterproofed and sealed appropriately. 

Conversely, another hit this year is the use of a fun patterned tile to add a pop of personality. This can work especially well in a small or guest bathroom. It creates a memorable look without taking up the valuable room that a piece of furniture or bulky fixture can.

Hiring an Pro for a Bathroom Remodel

Tackling a DIY project can certainly be a rewarding experience, but there are aspects of a bathroom remodel that benefit from the help of an expert.

For starters, you should hire a designer if you need to stick to a specific timeline and budget. Many of us have been here. We begin a project with an idea of how long and how expensive it will be, only to be hit with surprise after (unpleasant) surprise. While bumps along the way are bound to happen with or without the expertise of a professional, hiring a designer greatly reduces these risks.

Additionally, a few essential considerations of any big bathroom remodel are plumbing and electrical work. If your project requires any changes to these major components, consulting an expert is key.

Where to Begin for Your Bathroom Remodels

If 2022 is the year you decide to finally go for that bathroom renovation, there’s no better time to get started than the present! If you’re planning to undergo a renovation and are curious to know what to expect in terms of bathroom remodel timing, there are many factors to consider.  Here are some quick tips to help you get going:

Step One: Bathroom Essentials

We probably don’t have to tell you twice, but after the decision to renovate is made, it’s time to envision your ideal bathroom. Are you focused on improving your master bathroom or are you interested in small bathroom design? What features and style are calling your name? How will the space be utilized? Which trends would you like to try out? 

Try thinking outside the box a bit in 2022. A bath is no longer just a bath: try finding an eye-catching design. And the placement of your bath matters. By placing it in a position that receives natural light, you’ve got yourself a fresh focal point. 

The absolutely essential components of a bathroom have remained the same. You’ll need a shower, toilet, vanity, sink, and taps and fittings. Practicality is important—but, as we’ve highlighted above, personality is as well. The best trends to incorporate are the ones that most represent you and your lifestyle.

Step Two: Budgeting

Though we’d all like to plan and carry out our perfect home with no regard to financial limitations, it’s obvious that we all have budgets to stick to. Yet regardless of your budget, there are plenty of ways to creatively add 2022’s biggest trends to your bathroom.

Step Three: Expert Consultation

It’s incredibly helpful to work with a bathroom remodeling contractor to guide you through the process of selecting materials, solidifying your budget range, sticking to a timeline and carrying out your vision. At Drury Design, we are committed to client-focused design that leaves no detail to chance. 

A Toast to New Possibilities

Overhauling your bathroom can be an overwhelming thought, but there are myriad ways to incorporate the hottest bathroom design trends into your space. Whether you invite the natural in, add a statement wallpaper or opt for a total renovation, the sky’s the limit depending on your budget, timeline and vision. 

Not sure how to turn your bathroom renovation ideas into a reality? Request a Design Consultation, and one of our highly qualified team members will be in touch!


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