Breaking Down Houzz’s 2017 Kitchen Design Trends Study

Kitchen Design

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Every year Houzz release a kitchen trend study, this year’s 34-page report touches on everything from renovation motivators to what is the most popular kitchen cabinet color. Follow along as we break down the top facts and design trends of this year’s report.

Like fashion, kitchen design trends are constantly changing this year’s report focuses on how a kitchen renovation can help homeowners live healthier lifestyles.

2017 Houzz Kitchen Design Report Highlights Four Trends

Before we dive into the top four trends, let’s take a look at a few foundational findings.

Top motivators for a kitchen renovation

40% finally having the financial means – has increased year over year

28% recently purchased their home

Top kitchen renovation triggers

43% can no longer stand their old kitchen

40% wanted to do it all along and finally have the means

28% purchased home recently and want to make it their own

  1. New Kitchen = Healthier Lifestyle

One-third of homeowners report leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation, from eating more fruits and vegetables to preparing more meals at home. How can a new kitchen design make you more healthy? Check out what the study reported below.

How does the new kitchen make you more “healthy”?

76% cook 5+ meals at home every week

41% cook more at home

34% order less take out

26% eat more fruits and veggies

Top lifestyle changes after kitchen renovation

49% more family time

41% more home cooking

40% more entertaining

  1. Generations Have Style Preferences

As we already know, different generation tends to have a different way of doing things. Houzz’s 2017 report found that Millennial homeowners prefer modern or farmhouse kitchens and are also more likely to install kitchen islands. While Baby Boomers tend to prefer traditional styles. However, surprising as it might be, contemporary is the most popular style across all generations.

Top Kitchen Design Styles

22% Contemporary

16% Transitional

13% Traditional

  1. Marble for Looks, Quartz for Durability

The top reasons for selecting certain countertops and flooring? Looks, durability, cost, and ease of cleaning. Marble counters and wood flooring are rated highest for their look, and granite/quartz counters and porcelain flooring for their durability.

Top Kitchen Countertop Materials

41% Granite

40% Quartz [engineered]

  1. A Great[er] Room

Houzz’s 2017 report found that kitchen renovations are taking over even more of the house, kitchen sizes are growing, and they are opening up and connecting the inside with the outdoors. This trend is not necessarily new, the last few years an open concept floor plan has been highly desired, however now we see that homeowners not only want to connect the indoor living areas with the kitchen, but they also want their outdoor spaces to flow seamlessly also.

Major Home Remodeling Features

51% more open to other rooms

36% increase size

20% more open to outdoors

Top 2017 Kitchen Design Features

Top Built-in Kitchen Features

41% pantry [cabinets]

40% island

23% breakfast bar

Top Interior Design Colors

As design professionals, we might see the tide turning away from all-white kitchens, but Houzz’s 2017 design study still shows white is king in the remodeling market. Whether that means mixing colors with white or not, white still proves to be a classic go-to color.

26% Walls: Gray

42% Cabinets: White

33% Countertop: Multicolored

Top Reasons to Opt for Storage Organizers

81% maximize space

76% make finding things easier

49% reduce clutter

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